House Of Damaskar

The House of Damaskar is a house of diviner-priests, known as Sangoma in the Goblynfells. The house is dedicated to the divh of the heavens, Bahru, and is quite likely the most respected and in demand sangoma house in the Fells, and also one of the most historic and ancient. The house is exceedingly demanding in taking on initiates, and an invitation from the House of Damaskar to a talented and promising youth means that if he is willing to work to the demanding and exacting standards of the house then he will be guaranteed a place of prized privilege with the greatest lords of the Fells.

Patron: Celestial Veneration of Bahru
Membership: 67 sangoma, household of 348
Master: Rava Damaskar
Home: Dome of the Inconstant Heavens

One of the houses of the first founding, the House of Damaskar was the first to embrace the divh Bahru, claiming that their cult followed the gift of prophecy, and offered the gift of prophetic boon to any that would follow them. Their founder, Damas-in-the-light-of-Bahru, was a powerful seeker of auguries and was known for mapping the heavens more thoroughly than any living thing before him. The warlord Drale Seak, patron of Damas, gifted him with a ruined temple in his land, and this was build into the fabulous dome that stands there today.


Like all of the sangoma houses of the fells, the House of Damaskar provides diviner-priests to local warlords to bless their endeavours and to offer them scrying of their fates and the future. Famed for their casting of the stones and the blessing of prophecy that their divh Bahru offers the House of Damaskar are in great demand amongst the greatest of the warlords. When a warlord approaches the house he is expected to bring many great gifts to gain an audience with the master of the house. If he does he may offer to take a sangoma into his service, but he will have to make yearly restitution to the house for the service, and also keep the sangoma in the rich manner to which he is accustomed. Should the sangoma ever be unhappy with the arrangement he would leave, and were he mistreated at all the house would name the warlord a foe of their divh, and demand that all warlords who keep one of their sangoma in their employ call him enemy, and lay dire curses upon any who choose to cross them. While the houses compete with one another it is for gold and reputation, and not by force, and so no other house will ever give a warlord or his heirs who mistreat a sangoma another priest again. Without the blessing of any divh, this warlord will not be around for very long.


The house, like most houses, is very simple. There is a master, Rava Damaskar, who has the right to name his successor, and is master for life. Beneath him are a handful of experienced elders who have retired from service to act as advisers. Currently there are two such advisers; Maruk and Sadrash. The master and his advisers must conduct house business, collect payment, arrange contracts and teach the younger initiates. Beneath these is the master of the household, another retired sangoma, who is responsible for administering the lower initiates and also organize the household servants who run the Dome. And the master of the shrine, a sangoma responsible for maintaining the household shrine and leading all prayer and sacrifice to Bahru. The posts are currently held by Mahadruke and Kari, both of whom are new to the position, having been appointed by Rava the new master upon his ascent to the office.



Notable Members