House Olric

For generations no king has sat upon the throne of the Kingdom of Olricsholm, the the fief has remained united - barely. Instead the house and kingdom have long been ruled by six separate branches of the Uth-Olric line, each with their own tor along the length of the Swordfish River. Known as the River Lords, these six houses collectively are thought of as House Olric, and it is up to them to select a representative to send to the Oerocrast from amongst their number. Known for their often ruthless in-fighting, the river lords are equally well known for their great cunning, their mastery of turning coin in trade, and their great individual wealth, with each lord proving more independently wealthy than the kings of most royal lines in western Ralstaa. As a result the Swordfish is a hub of trade in the north of Kileirey, and Olricsholm itself takes a pride of place on the Great Northern Highway. At present the village of Olricsholm's lord, Lotar, wears the mantle of king of Olricsholm as far as the Oerocrast is concerned, and though it gains him little standing at home, it has allowed him to cultivate diplomatic relations with far flung trade partners up the length of the highway.

Rank: King (technically)COA-Olric.jpg
Badge: Three White Rings on a Red Field
Colours: Red and White
Patriarch: debated
Capitol: Olricsholm, Kileirey

The River Lords

Olricsholm Line

Lord Lotar Ulth-Olric

Delven Tor Line

Lord Unwold 'Torbuilder' Uth-Olric

An-Fhionan Tor Line

Lord Bedyn 'Threepike' Uth-Olric

Raesen Tor Line

Lady Raelynn 'Rivermark' Raesen-Olric

Fharfair Tor Line

Lady Helviane Uth-Olric

Dailan Tor Line

Lord Mordane 'Crowrun' Dailan-Olric

House Cult



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