House Rallis

House Rallis is the house of the High Kings of Ralstaa, descended directly from Viran the Unifier, and before that, if the unifier is to be believed, from Rallah herself. Head of the temple and state both, the Kings of House Rallis wield power and influence equaled by few in Allornus. Based in the great City of Lights in Rallah's Keep, great and ancient capitol of all Ralstaa and it's most impregnable bastion, the house is a relatively small one, but the current patriarch of the house, the High King Carin Highseat Uth-Rallis has secured the succession of his line with three children, though he has yet to name which will be his heir. He has two sons, Daen and Sean, and his youngest, a daughter Sarissa.

Rank: High King
Badge: A Golden Sun and three Black Moons on a Green Field
Colours: Green and Gold
Patriarch: Carin Highseat Uth-Rallis
Capitol: Tohl

"The dawn always returns."


House Cult

The Temple of the Sun, strictly speaking, is the house cult of House Rallis, Viran Uth-Rallis has been incorporated into the existing temple doctrine rather than being given his own unique cult. In this manner the royal house both does and does not have its own house cult.


As head of the Oerecrast, House Rallis is directly associated with every other noble house in all of Ralstaa, however the closest loyalist Houses are House Caldare, House Voere and House Kaltan, as well as the various knightly orders. Directly beneath House Rallis, administering Bradenthyr in the High King's name are the Princes of Houses Tyroen, Stakh, Carvell, Mars and Sygard. House Rallis must also keep good relations with those kings who do not bow to the crown of Ralstaa, namely House Lôthar of the Kingdom of Byrnham, House Tuarae of Tuarvael, and Munsun the Gatekeeper of the Free City of Aulorn's Gate. The various free Dunsain rulers and the Clanlanders are not afforded such gracious relations however.

Notable Members

Carin 'Highseat' Uth-Rallis
The reigning High King of all of Ralstaa and patriarch of House Rallis is the aging but eminent Carin 'Highseat' Uth-Rallis. Now in the late years of his reign, Cairn has not been a king of legend, neither a fool nor a hero, so adequate has Cairn's reign proven that he seems destined to become lost to history. Still, this does not weigh upon the High King, for his life has been a good one, and but for the loss of his beloved wife during childbirth, a relatively happy one. Now he is more concerned with his comfort and his work than his legacy, which belongs to his children.

Sean Uth-Rallis
Introverted, studious, soft spoken and intense; the warrior-philosopher Sean is the eldest of Carin’s three children. Quiet, studious, patient and germane and his soft voice carries barely above a murmur, yet it rings with a heady combination of youthful vigor and wisdom beyond his years that it draws many to the young knight. Most of the Prince’s life has been spent travelling the land of his ancestors, learning, experiencing and contemplating in the manner of a true philosopher. While he does not possess the charms of his sister or fame of his brother, meeting him has been profoundly affecting for many of the folk of the knives.

Daen 'Hawkrider' Uth-Rallis
Daen is the second eldest son of the High King; only a year separates he and his brother Sean. He is brash and impetuous, and many thought that he would earn his moniker ‘Firebrand’ for a name rather then the nobler ‘Hawkrider’ - awarded him by his own father after his victory at the Battle of Arund Pass. Currently posted on the borders of the clanlands, heavily involved in the struggle to drive the invading tribesmen out of Garynshae, he has earned himself accolades in battle that are sung the knives over.

Sarissa Uth-Rallis
Sarissa Uth-Rallis, youngest child of the High King of Ralstaa, is everything a princess of the realm should be, and so much more. The princess is expected by many to be named Carin's heir due to Ral tradition for Porphyrogenitos ascension - where the eldest offspring born during the parent’s reign has the greatest claim to the throne - however the king retains the legal right to choose his heir from amongst his immediate family, and has made no such acclamation. Still, the marriageability of the princess has suitors buzzing about Tohl like locusts.

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