House Renreth

One of the Caldarish council of Princes, House Renreth, lords of Tohl Arodunh, enjoy the stability and security that all the great noble houses of that land possess, and the prosperity that comes with it. But their prosperity is not from stability alone. Thanks to a lucrative position on the Great Northern Highway, House Renreth has been one of the first, and most successful to adopt the sponsorship of merchant caravans as a revenue stream, and merchants carrying the Prince's seal can be found as far north as Aulorn's Gate on a regular basis. Prince Ragnal and his advisors hope to extend their reach yet further, to the farthest extent of the highway, before one of his daughters takes the throne.

Rank: Prince
Badge: Yellow Eagle on a Blue Field split with a White Tower on a Red Field
Colours: Blue, Red and White
Patriarch: Ragnal Uth-Ren
Capitol: Tohl Arodunh, Caldare



House Cult

The Cult of Ren is quite influential in Tohl Arodunh. In fact all the nobility of the city are invited to enter the cult, and accordingly it is the only cult with any presence in the city, even wielding power amongst the ranking members of the Temple of the Sun there.


House Renreth serves on the Council of Princes under House Caldare, that rules Caldare, and so they are closely allied with House Gaeowyn, House Tyroene and House Baruk, though their relations with both House Korast and House Shieren have becomes decidedly chilly since those houses became direct rivals in the war for mercantile dominance that seems ready to break out in Caldare. Four loyal Thanes serve the Princes of Renreth, House Lleydra, House Eoin, House Morghan and House Arrodh, though the latter are proud and resentful that the city their ancestor founded has been wrested from their rule. All of these houses are directly related to Ragnal in some way, with most Thanes being cousins, uncles, aunts, nephews of nieces, and marriage renews these ties regularly.

Notable Members


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