House Sygard

Once mere vassals of the Lammor Kings, charged with defending that ancient nation's holdings in the greatest city in the world, House Sygard won its independence perhaps a generation before the reformation, but still remain closely tied to the Kings of Lammornia. Over time the scions of House Sygard have become known as the defenders of The City, and theirs is the last of the great Caers of the City of Lights that is manned and flies their banner. However possibly the strain of keeping the Caer garrisoned and in good repair has made them the weakest of the Princes of Bradenthyr, and the fief of Sygar is by far the poorest in the region.

Rank: Prince
Badge: Golden stag's head on a black and red field.
Colours: Red and gold.
Patriarch: Siegfried Sygard
Capitol: Caer Sygard, Tohl



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