House Taloth

House Taloth is one of the most influential new families, they were immediate and firm supporters of Viran Uth-Rallis and were the first in Cannavin to bend on their knees before the High King. In return they were granted the fief of Tael. Originally wealthy traders they have only held their title since the re-unification of Ralstaa when they offered their family lands at Surrowdar to the High King for the building of a fortress to repel the Red Guard. The fortress was never finished and its foundations still sit just north of Surrowdar.

Rank: Baron
Fief: Tael
Badge: Three White Flowers on a Blue Field
Colours: Blue and White
Patriarch: Arren Taloth
Capitol: Surrowdar, Cannavin

"Only in the silence do we roar."

Staunch allies of their neighbours, House Voere, House Taloth keeps mostly to itself. They enforce royal law, pay their tithes and thanks to most of the little fertile land in the region their coastal town and the little port that sits on the cliffs below it sees most of the trade in the region and as such remains comparatively prosperous. Some villeins in Barony of Tael even grow to be fat and the coffers of the Taloth are well stocked, and their castle, Brooke-Taloth Hold is more like a walled manor house than a fortress and is often used by Baron Voere as neutral ground for negotiation and meeting with his neighbours. It is formed from the union of two houses, those of the Taeliths and the Coelynds, who are the progenitors of the Taloth line. The town is young and the peasants in Taloth service see some hope, they are taxed lightly, the baron pursues his business ventures far more fervently than he demands the goods of his people, however as a result the peasants have begun to look upon him as soft and ineffectual, some people fear that the Red Guard will soon march upon them and begin to take what they want from the Thane’s lands. Smugglers have also made a firm foothold in the Taloth lands and recently the temple was burned completely to the ground. Lawless but generally peaceful, the nobles of House Taloth remain blissfully unaware in their sprawling manors. Still, their prosperity may change if they do not act soon.

House Cult

The Cult of Tael is an exclusive house-cult, and only members of the house may be initiated. It draws strongly on old Shaeish forest spirit lore, aligning Rallah strongly with the natural world via the hero Tael, who was known for taming dangerous lands. Almost nothing is known about Tael him (or her) self beyond that his/her entry into the hall of heroes was in recognition for taming much of the west (thought to mean Cannavin and Wynd) long before the foundation of the hall of heroes. As a result the house cult blends old and new to form a melange of beliefs. To initiates Rallah, the sun, brings life to all things, and order to all things, and the purest for of worship is to make the land your own and bring life and order to the dark places. This means that the lodge spirit worship is acknowledged, and the appeasement of spirits in Rallah's name, and in her sight, is a perfectly acceptable and natural practice, in line with the cult's beliefs. Of course when the Taloth scions preach to the people they invariably carry some of these beliefs into their teaching, but the so called Taelite Mysteries that embody the house cult's scriptures are for the eyes of initiates only, though they do not seem to be sinister in nature. Some speculate that more is known by the family about Tael than is let on, and that the secret of this mysterious and ancient paragon is passed down through true scions, to guard.


House Taloth are firm supporters of House Voere, and so have the loyalty and allegiance of that great house in return. However aside from this the Thanes of House Taloth are isolated and have little political influence or presence. Ruling their lands as sovereign monarchs, they have no houses beneath them, and the other houses for the most part are more concerned with the conflict between House Mavyn and House Voere to interest themselves in other internal politics. House Mavyn, of course, could be considered a foe, but they tend to overlook House Taloth unless they are directly affronted by their presence.

Notable Members

The Thane has but two children - his heir Branwen who is performing her page duty at Tohl, and his wastrel son Faran. Because the Taloths have long eschewed their right to polygamous marriage - as have many lesser houses in the west - the house has always been a small one. The Thane's surviving sister Allanda heads a close branch of the family, and she and her husband have produced close to a dozen children ready to step in and found dynasties of their own should the current Taloth line break, the eldest of whom, Bartel, has proven himself a more than able statesman. Before his death at tourney Arren's brother Vaun also fathered twin sons - Ulath and Utar, who have come of age now. Some seven lesser branches are now so separated from the family that they no longer carry the name, and exist as scattered but influential crofters throughout the Taloth lands.

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