House Toricron

One of the many minor mage nations that survived the unification of Ralstaa, House Torricron were staunch foes of the Princes of Mavyn, and their tiny nation had held on their boarders for centuries. When Viran Uth-Rallis arrived they were glad to ally with this new power against their ancient foe. House Torricron’s lands are scarcely more than the coastal township of Torris’ Tower, its port in the Grey Cove and the peat bogs around the town where the peasants work their living. Torricron noblemen remain loyal to the crown, and really know very little of their own home, preferring to make their homes in the City of Lights inner city. They are courtly and have mostly abandoned the mage-king tradition their family built its nation upon.

Rank: King
Fief: Town of Torris' Tor
Badge: Yellow Lion Rampant on Red Field
Colours: Yellow, Red and Blue
Patriarch: Loran Brighthand Uth-Torris
Capitol: Torris' Tor, Cannavin



House Cult

The Cult of Torris is a house only cult, meaning that only scions of House Toricron can be initiated into its secrets. Since house-cults are still popular in Tohl, Loran does maintain the cult, but the teachings, which largely revolve around strength of body, mind and character, are generally taken to speak to the strength of the house, despite the fact that many Cannonate scholars make claims to the contrary. The rituals associated with the cult are ones of endurance, and yearly all of the scions do adhere to a test of their physical strength as a sort of annual re-initiation.


Thanks to House Toricron's absence from Cannavin they have no real politics there, but due to their presence at the royal court year round they have excellent relations with House Rallis, and Houses Voernal, Voergard and Cavish are all strong friends to, as well as an excellent trade relationship with House Saege. However the young High Prince's favouring of Emmily Uth-Torris has earned the house many rivals, if not enemies, amongst those at court who have their own eligible daughters; a list too long to bother to reproduce here.

Notable Members

Loran Brighthand Uth-Torris
King Loran is the only lord in Cannavin who regularly attends court, and he has not been seen in Cannavin for over a decade. He is a regular at the royal court, and known as a courtier and diplomat though he is also an accomplished physician and scholar. His three daughters Lauriel, Rowena and Emmily are all known as fine dancers and musicians at court, as well as prized escorts to the royal balls, Prince Daen himself has taken Loran’s youngest Emmily as a favorite dance partner. Torris’ Tower is ruled over by his royal Castellian and nephew Bram, a stern but noble man who works very hard to better his people’s lot, and even has hopes of draining the bogs and planting fields, he hopes to make his little home community a better place for it’s people, for whom, he cares deeply.

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