House Voere

House Voere are descended from Voere, one of Viran Uth-Rallis’ most loyal followers, he served as Grand Marshal of the Lloric. In return for his loyalty during the High King’s campaign and to watch the unruly Mavyn Princes of Cannavin Voere was granted a sizable Barony, and his descendants remain the most powerful force in Cannavin today. House Voere are the Royal Marshals of the West, and serve as a sort of administrating body among the lesser nobility of the region. They are the firm enemies of House Mavyn, but their lack of subtlety or guile has a tendency to vilify them in the eyes of other houses while the Red Princes seem harassed. House Voere has a reputation for being straightforward, forthright and unwavering. They have a sense of justice that extends from the lowliest churl to the Baron himself, and they are fair and honest, if heavy handed, masters. Also extremely militant, most of the house’s retainers also fulfil some military role within the Young Lions; the Baron’s own personal infantry.

Rank: Baron
Badge: White Lion’s Head On Gold Cross
Colours: Black and White
Patriarch: Siegfried Uth-Voere
Capitol: Caer Voer, Cannavin

"Cry the oaths of war, but hold dear the bonds of kinship."


House Cult

The Cult of Voere is a strong one, but it is an exclusive warrior cult. With House Voere having three separate offshoot houses in House Voernal and House Voergard in Tohl the cult is also widespread. Allowing only soldiers and knights into their ranks, the cult emphasizes discipline, honesty, earnestness, loyalty and thrift as being the greatest service a warrior can give to his divh. Voere is even attributed with a group of quotations known as Voere's Proverbs which appear in a number of religious libraries in Ralstaa, and form the scripture of the cult.


House Voere, like many of the old royalist houses, has spawned two offshoots, House Voernal and House Voergard, both of whom are based in Tohl, and are almost an extension of House Voere in Ralstaa's immense capitol. House Voere is generally well thought of and liked in Cannavin, but here House Taloth are their staunchest allies. House Kand will generally try and remain aloof while House Toricron and House Demier, resentful of the High King's presence, openly snub the Voeres, but never actively oppose them. Their staunchest enemies are House Mavyn, the very reason they were awarded territory here. House Mavyn would like nothing more than to make war on the Voeres, but dare not, so the situation is a tense one. And of course as staunch royalists House Voere enjoys a special place in the court of the High King, and a good standing with the other major royalists in House Caldare and the House Carragh.

Notable Members

Siegfried Uth-Voere
The leader of House Voere is the Baron Siegfried Uth-Voere. He personifies everything his line stands for, he is an honourable and deeply pious man with an adamant sense of justice. He is harsh and demanding, but fair and he recognizes the need to keep his people safe and healthy for the sake of his own prosperity. Utilitarian and pragmatic, his even-handed rule has guided the land for nearly thirty years. He has three sons, Michael, Shaen and Tieghar, all of whom are currently serving as commanders of various divisions of the young lions. The Baron’s wife died giving birth to her last son, and the Baron has been trying to find a suitable match for his sons for nearly a decade.

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