The largest city in the thinly settled Haedrasian province of Lekia, Hydus is a stout walled port that crouches low at the mouth of the ice-choked Hydus Bay with its back to the winds of the north. Icebreakers ply the waters of the bay day and night, and bonfires burn in the streets and atop the walls thanks to an abundance of fast-growing oily pines and firs that creep like a besieging army through the snow to the walls. Since the city's buildings are seldom tall affairs, but instead sprawling affairs built around canvas-protected courtyards, the city skyline is dominated by the famed Pillars of Lekia - a towering circle of gorgeously wrought pillars that predate the Sundering, and likely belong to the Taruun or even the Mariners who once settled these truly ancient lands.

Region: Lekia, Haedrasia.
Total Population: 17,218.
Demographics: 92% Haedrasian, 3% Haruman, 2% Ghan, 3% Other.
Government: Temple Dominion under ??.
Wealth: Wealthy (7).
Tech. Level: Imperial (6).
Major Industry: Lumber, herding (dromah), fisheries.
Major Religions: Imperatry Temple (7).

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Locations of Interest

Pillars of Lekia

Notable Groups and Individuals

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