Dominated by the Icari Desert the Imperatry province of Icarium (aye-CAR-ee-umm) is an important part of the heartland of Haedrasia. The Haedrasians have little interest in the desert itself, seldom turning their attention to it, and so the desert has become a haven for the outcast, those hunted by the lictors, or who cannot bear the yoke of Imperial rule any longer. The mostly pastoral plains around the gradually-encroaching desert suffer the predation of desert bandits with ill humour - grimly demanding justice in the temples of Rift City, from whence futile raids into the desert depart as irregularly as the Arch-Primate can manage. The general consensus, however, is that it is best to let the desert have its due.

Tech Code: 6
Governments: Totalitarian theocratic dominion administered by the Arch-Primate of Icarium
Religions: Imperatry Temple
Industries and Trades:
Major Terrain:
Primary Languages: Low Haedrasian, Cant.
Major Settlements: Dirge, Rift City, Salisus, Sunder.


Physical Geography

the Icari Desert (see Gobi for inspiration, but also the desert of colours). Kadacus' Wall, the mountainous land around Rift City named for the third Imperator.

Political Geography

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Social Geography

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Races and Nationalities

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Flora and Fauna

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Notable Individuals

Arch-Primate of Icarium and Primate of Rift City, Simeon Actorus
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Today In Location…

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