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Major Settlements: Bloodfruit Lake


Physical Geography

Cold, but not so cold as nardaan or the bear tundra. Mostly barren lowlands. Almost painfully flat, making snow a surprising rarity, but icy streams intolerably common. Rocky, but covered with voracious clumps of grass, jagged flax and frost-webbed tumbleweeds that are home to modest-sized breed of tarantula. Some of the more unusual terrains left by the sundering in evidence. Ridiculous windspeeds and tornadoes common.

Forests made entirely of glass, eerily still lakes of unnatural hue.

Political Geography

Quite neglected thanks to undesirable climate and sparse resources. A place for outcasts and those who want somewhere to hide. Home to some of the most extreme lictors and a few great house servants who have fallen out of favour and need to disappear. Poorly militarized, leaving Kardesian reavers free reign along the coast.

Social Geography

Large, sparse settlements built around major pieces of terrain (which are rare) especially hills and lakes. Farmlands tend to be protected by wooden palisades, constantly battling erosion with unnecessarily massive numbers of livestock perpetually replenished from the south.

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Races and Nationalities

Known for highly-mobile mini-tribes of Kardesians 2-3 roundships strong. Traders and reavers in equal measure (or even depending on how lean the season has been)

Flora and Fauna

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Notable Individuals

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Today In The Far North of Empire…

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