Insurgent Profession

The world is set by unjust, undeserving, despotic or wrongful regimes in positions of power. Whether they are the rightful claimants to a land, the downtrodden, or merely the forward thinking, Insurgents are those who secretly resist the ruling regime from amongst their own populace. Such men and women who will stand up and fight, be it for freedom, a cause, or for their own supremacy are found in every culture across the world from the downtrodden slave-enclaves of the Draks, to the yoked and harnessed subject peoples of Haedrasia, to the racial uprisings of the Southlands, or the near-broken resistance of the Fringe, or the reclamation movement of old Iria, and all places between. Common to all of these folk is the need for secrecy, the ability to move about under the noses of their foes, and the tools to rise up and overthrow should the opportunity present itself.

Regions: Ahlonia Isle (as Rebels), Shattered Empire, Knives of Rallah, Ancient Duchies, Lands of Chill, Imperatry Plains (as Traitors), Southlands, Inner Sea Basin, Unholy Wastes (as Librani), Fringe Nations (as Heretics).
Tech. Code: 1, as long as there has been rule there have been those who resist it.
Rarity: 5, by their very nature those who devote their lives (rather than merely their support) to resistance are rare - often rooted out slain.
Social Class: any, an insurgent might lurk in any walk of life.
Fame: any, an insurgent might just as well be heir to a famous house as a nondescript peasant.

Apprentice Practitioner Master
Skills Acumen 1 2 2
Conning 2 3 3
Governance - 1 2
Intimidation 1 2 3
Leadership 1 2 4
Martial Combat 2 3 3
Oratory 3 4 5
Resolve 1 2 4
Stealth 2 3 3
Terrain Survival 1 2 2
Wealth 1 2 3
Value 21 47 74

Usual Trappings

  • Traveller's attire.
  • Sometimes a boiled or quilted leather jerkin and cap.
  • A hand weapon, usually a short axe, club or short sword.
  • A knife or dagger.
  • Often a blanket or bedroll.
  • Usually a spoon, bowl, and pot.
  • Often flint and tinder.
  • Sometimes a simple tent.
  • A few days travel rations.
  • Usually a backpack, or strong sack.
  • Rarely a pony, mule, or other beast of burden.
  • Rarely some trinket of stolen right like a signet ring or sigil.