The Divhi Irik is patron of the Iri, youngest tribe of the landsmen. Venerated as patron of the night sky, roads, wealth, trade, travel and arts, as well as the keeper of secrets, Irik ascended from the world, alongside his sister Rallah over a thousand years ago. But then, Irik was always a withdrawn Divhi, seldom engaging with his people, never directly passing down teachings, letting his followers determine their own fate, and aiding them in mysterious and often obscure ways, and keeping to his own enigmatic council. His faith, kept in irinos all over the world, welcomes only those born to Irik's people, while merchants and travellers often carry charms and relics blessed in Irik's name for goon fortune in their journeys and endeavours.

Irik (Irinos); The Hermit Divhi (colloquial); Erl King/Golden King (Shattered Empire); Erol (Ralstaa)

Roads and Exploration; The Irians; Mystery and Secrets; Art and Creativity; The Stars; Wealth; Gold.


Even when Irik walked the earth, precious few were invited into his presence, and amongst they few deigned be so crass as to describe Irik's mere physical form, but his idols almost always depict a man with skin of metallic gold, engraved with cerulean designs like the tattoos of the Iri. He is usually depicted kneeling, or sitting cross-legged, as if in prayer, with an expression of serenity upon his face, and frequently clad in a flowing robe that pools around him, else entirely unclad. He is generally plump, to demonstrate his prosperity, and often has a single hand raised in benediction. In Ralstaa, Arumthar, and Esterfel, where he is called Erol, or the Erl King, he is depicted much the same, but in place of the tattoos he has the head of a horse, and sometimes wears a broad-brimmed travelling hat. Some wanderers tell fanciful stories of meeting a horse-headed man in a broad-brimmed had upon the road. They usually exchange a few words with the odd fellow, before parting ways, and after this their fortunes monumentally and inexplicably increase for a short time, before the boon capriciously departs as mysteriously as it came.


The phrase 'Irik works in mysterious ways' is a perfect summary of Irik's outlook upon the world. Often his teachings or advice will only make sense in hindsight, and he demands absolute faith, even when his word seems utter lunacy, to offer his blessing. For the most part, the Mystigogues teach, Irik allows people to determine their own destiny, for self-determination is the greatest gift that he can offer his people. As a result, individual wealth and success are, amongst the followers of Irik, in their own way holy ventures. For a man to take his destiny, his success, his prosperity in his own hands, and by prospering prove his merit he is showing Irik gratitude for the freedom he has been granted. And the best demonstration of this prosperity is in charity, for one who can afford to give is one who truly has more than he needs.


a list of major faiths devoted to Irik

The Earthly Divh, Patrons of the Landsmen
Ghanda, Haederas, Irik, Malar, Nofus, Rallah