An Irino is the part of a larger settlement, usually a major city, inhabited exclusively by Irians. They are widespread in all of the major settlements, landsmen and otherwise, along the southern coast of Allornus. Irians are notorious for hoarding wealth, only trading amongst themselves and generally making outsiders feel unwelcome in districts that they occupy. While no lands have actual laws banning non-Irians from Irinos, and very few are walled, these districts have shops that will often only serve and buy from Irians, and generally only Iri, the language of the Irians, is spoken, and temples to Irik are usually the heart of the community.

Irinos normally only support populations a few hundred strong, but are nearly entirely self-contained, with all the tradesmen and services that an Irian would need on a day to day business. Generally they are able to live in the style of the upper classes of their host city, not building structures in their own style, but rather bringing in local builders and using the wealth that Irians are wont to horde to build themselves fine homes.

Irians in Irinos are close-knit communities, and most people know everyone else in the community, and outsiders are not only met with a language barrier, but with suspicion and even disdain. As a result, while criminals often target Irinos they are generally easily identified and carefully watched. The local authorities however are often just as resentful of the isolationist Irinos as the local populace, and many Irinos have had to find other ways to police their streets and protect themselves from outsiders.