Ironhead Mountains

Dividing Haedrasia from the Ghan duchies, the Ironhead Mountains are home to the greatest deposits of rare and precious iron in all of Allornus. Massive, thick, jagged and perilous, the Ironheads are none the less dotted with broad passes and rich plateaus and valleys that make them less daunting than the souther Sirolas Mountains. The Ironheads are unmistakable in character - their foothills and lower slopes are clad in dense black-on-grey forests of unyielding ebony. Their slopes are all whispering volcanic scree, blasted and lifeless. And their peaks, the highest and most northerly of which are enrobed in blinding white the year round, bleed unhealthy channels of dirty crimson in permanently stained rivulets down their flanks. This red hue carries to the rivers and lakes high in the mountains, and even the snow. The taint of iron is everywhere.


The Ironheads are by far and away the world's richest source of rare and precious iron. In fact the Ghans and Haedrasians waged war after war over these mountain passes, and only came to an uneasy (but seemingly lasting) truce less than a century ago. Before the reunification of Haedrasia even the hidden deepings of the mountains feared that they would be found and overrun. Once the Ghans claimed the mountains entirely, and their traders were the only reliable and substantial source of iron in the whole of Allornus, driving prices impossibly high and making Ghan craftsmanship hard to match. Now that the market is more competitive, and a few smaller claims in the Shoulders of the World have proven viable, iron has become more accessible Allornus-over.

Landsmen have proven as unskilled in deep mining as they have in navigating the open ocean - these are secrets that the goblyns and the mhulak have held tightly for longer than history records. But in the Ironheads men are making progress delving deep mines into the rock of the stout red-headed mountains. Though the mhulak are frequently entreated to provide overseers, the Ghan slaves and Haedrasian subject peoples have both made a valiant effort to master the world beneath the ground.

The Starfall Basin

Perhaps the most storied part of the Ironheads is the fabled Starfall Basin. The Memory of the Sundering known as the Star-Rain has only struck the mainland of Allornus twice in the land's history, and it is said that where it lands it burns the land desolate with an incandescent fire of a colour that cannot be. In the south of the Ironheads, in a high frozen plateau, such a desolation exists. A blasted place, known to few and seen by fewer, many rumours about exactly what's there abound. Some say the impossible fire still burns, and that it means madness for anyone who looks on it. Others that the fabled seven swords themselves return to rest there when they're not at large in the world.