Jarach of the Warsing Tribe of northern reavers is outcast from his Karda. Left in Petyorgrad when he chose to leave his tribesmen to sell his skills at war to the embattled rulers of that great city, he has since become trapped in its walls by incessant Carroghan attacks. And between making his living on the walls, swinging his mighty axe into bestial attackers, Jarach has learned to supplement his income by lifting goods whose loss might be blamed in raiders from many of the noble homes of Petyorgrad. Since meeting with the dwarf Tomo (who Jarach still secretly suspects is a child) he has learned that stuck in one of the largest cities in the Ghan lands is not such a bad place to be.


Like all of his kind, Jarach is a giant of a man, but amongst the Warsing he is considered a runt, half-grown and sneaky. He was shocked to first find just how small the race of men were. This fresh-faced youth has a powerful jaw, like a brick, and the pale grey skin and snowy hair shared by all of his kind. He has a cocky, self-sure manner, manifest in his grin. Strong lines define his muzzle, his nose is hooked, and his sullen eyes shallow and fresh. Unlike so many of his blood, Jarach is lean, and fast. He may lack the sheer physical presence, and the impossible fortitude of his kinsmen, but he is none the less deadly for it. Jarach still dresses in the sealskin and fur of his homeland, though he leaves his arms bare in all but the worst conditions, with only stiff black bracers. He cares little for possessions, and carries little with him, preferring to find what he needs where he goes, but for his Barchak-crafted axe and dagger Jarach makes an allowance. He respects their craftsmanship, and keeps them in uncommonly good repair, with love and care.


Jarach's a simple man. Since he learned what it is to be apart from the Karda he has come to value his own pleasure, but puts little stock in accruing wealth. For this reason, so long as he has credit for drink and women, and a roof to sleep off the night's revels under, he is blissfully happy. He has never had much concern about high principles, great fame, staggering wealth, or any of the other things that drive men. As the smallest member of his tribe, Jarach became tough, and he has come to realize that this has made him invaluable in the embattled south. Jarach has no love for violence, but he's good at it, and it serves his needs well, but looting proves easier and less risky. He'll stay as long as it pleases him in Petyorgrad, but eventually he'll grow tired of the pleasures of the city and move on, to taste the wine and women of another land.


Jarach is relatively young, only in his teen years, and so his history is, by necessity, a short one. Born to the Warsing, he was the smallest of his generation, but the beatings he took at the hands of the other men taught him tenacity, and made him hard of body and bloody of mind. Eager to see the world, he was lucky to be tasked to the whalers as the trekked to the south-west, along the coast of the fearsome Frozenland. However, when his fellows docked their roundship in Peytorgrad to trade, in a rare period of peace, he saw his prowess amongst the race of men, and desired their freedom, deserting his fellows in favour of this new town of illicit pleasures, where he was a giant. Meeting with the Ghanish dwarf Tomo, whose size made Jarach immediately empathize with him, he also learned how a man might make a generous living in a besieged city, and Jarach found it very much to his liking. Hiring his muscle to the men holding the walls, or as often brawling with other factions within the city, and helping Tomo claim whatever riches aren't nailed down in embattled areas, he has grown prosperous and famous.


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Race sex race Skills
Age category (n) Skill Points: spent/total
Profession profession (n) skill value speciality value
Faith faith (n)
Class description (n/n)
Statistics Inventory
Agility n weapon attack damage reach
Beauty n
Constitution n
Dexterity n
Endurance n armour protection hardness durability
Initiative n
Strength n tools skill modifier
Intelligence n attire/misc notes
Knowledge n
Perception n
Will n
Wisdom n
Bravery n
Charm n
Leadership n
Negotiation n
Luck n
Plan Bipedal
Cycle Diurnal
Diet Omnivore
Inferior ESP 2

Character Traits

Wine and Women (2)

Jarach has grown to enjoy the abundant pleasures of the backstreets of Petyorgrad. He fights, he loots, and he eats, drinks and carouses, until his credit runs low, and then the fights and loots again. Jarach is no fool, he knows this won't continue forever, but he marvels at just how easy it is.

Care for the Small (1)

Jarach knows what it is to be small. The Kardes are a race who work had to be strong, and they fight amongst one another to prove themselves. Jarach never felt bullied or victimized - this was the way of things - but he seldom came out on top in such contests. The beatings may have toughened him, like leather, but they also gave him a surprising empathy for the plight of other physically small people, no matter how this might perplex them.