Jarien Vaun

The Lady Jarien Vaun’s power in Reddown cannot be denied. Although the mantle of Earldom of Sherevon is carried by her twenty year old son Shannon Vaun, most who are not vehemently opposed to the possibility realize that Jarien is the real ruler of the Earldom, and she sits at his right hand in council meetings. Since the death of her husband during a summer plague, Jarien has been steward over Sherevon, and despite the fact her son Shannon is now Earl, she continues to perform most of these duties. Ever the matriarch of the household, the Vauns, a widespread and prolific family, are at her beck and call.


Jarien Vaun is a thin, wiry lady with long, proud features and steely eyes. Her years are in aggressive advance, and while her face is heavily lined with care and worry, and her hair is grey and pinned back in an austere bun, she does not move like an old woman but rather has a masterful stride and easy grace. The Vauns have never been famed for beauty, and while Jarien only married into the line she has the blunt peasant features that usually characterize the descendants of Von. The Lady typically dresses extremely conservatively, in high-necked loose fitting gowns more like those of a man than a woman, and large dresses of heavy fabric beneath these gowns. She wears little jewellery, but keeps a hairpin as a memento of her departed husband.


While her hair and continence are greying, this serves only to conceal Lady Jarien's alert and calculating mind. She is strict and harsh spoken but good hearted, and while most find her short and irritable her subjects have a grudging affection for her even handed justice and generous economic policies. With respect to her politics Lady Vaun is very much a traditionalist and would like nothing better than for the land not to have changed since she married, however she realizes the inevitability of the land’s condition and works to counteract the growth of smaller and greater powers as best she can. As she sees it he land belongs in a place of certain reverence and she in turn will offer respect and guidance to those around her who require it.

"My lords, I am but a woman, mother to one of your number, once wife to another. However I wish to offer, at your indulgence, the wisdom that time has permitted me. This council is divided. I have heard tell of a kingdom over the northern sea where lords lawfully make war upon one another, and I fear that soon we may share this fate. And this benefits none of us. Now, I am not a member of this gracious council, but the blood of the eldest of its dynasties flows within my body, and I know in my blood that the time has come for change. Change that will make each and every one of our number stronger than we are now. Change that will end this petty competition between us, and unite us into a single, united and new order."

  • Jarien Vaun is invited to address the Earls Council, 1480 HC


Lady Vaun married into the Vaun line from a line of wealthy steaders, but Godfrid Vaun was infirm when they married. Still, in a decade of marriage she bore him three sons and six daughters before a particularly harsh winter left him confined to his bed. His mind gone, and his body wracked, it was a miracle that he remained there for almost a full year before going to his ancestors in Paras. Jarien had always been a canny organiser and planner, managing her father’s steading for many years before her marriage, and in her husbands illness she quietly took control of the Earldom. With Godfrid gone she placed her eldest son on the throne in order to avoid the issue of her gender, but has directed his every action from the first day of his rule. She makes no real secret of this and all the other powers recognise, if not like, the situation. Now closing her sixth decade in the world, he mind is as sharp as ever and she spends much of her time working to counteract her expansionist neighbours (particularly Galastry and Barven’s) influence in her lands, much to their individual rulers chagrin.


The Vaun family is an enormous one, and many are in positions of modest power throughout the Earldoms of Reddown, but politically the Vauns have become unpopular lately, and have no friends in the council, or really even in greater Reddown, and this is a dangerous situation. Were it not for the influence Davin Vaun wields in Sigard over Simon Dranshen Sherevon might severely lack in influence. Certainly Sedric Daultin is an open opponent, and Martel Forthest's staunch resistance to Jarien's rule makes him nearly as big a foe. Currently Jarien is courting Noel Wern in a pledge to control this lucrative gateway instead of Daultin, but Wern has shown little interest in the politics of the rest of Reddown. Recently a man named Martel Vaughn has arrived in Sherevon claiming rightful descent to the Earldom, and this may prove Jarien's greatest foe for the moment. However the immediate family of the matriarch are her three sons; Shannon, Alder and Dern, and six daughters; Ella, Mira, Mariel, Uriel, Ette and Ede, and her various grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and of course her husband's brothers Davin and Bernhard. However her not-so-secret favourite is Shannon's infant son Loric who she utterly dotes on.


Race Female Ahlonian Skills
Age Middle-Aged (59) Skill Points: 224/278
Profession Steward of Sherevon (3) skill value rationale
Faith Western Dissident Church of the Dioune (6) Acumen 8
Class Earl's Steward (7/8) Bargaining 6
Talents Inventory Conning 3
Fast -2 weapon cap threshold reach Diounic Religion 3
Graceful +0 Flattery 2
Hale +1 Governance 7
Strong -3 Intimidation 6 Redoubtable Matron
Tough -2 armour hard tiers enc/limit Leadership 5
Marksmanship 2
Clever +1 tool cap test Numeracy 4
Insightful +2 Oratory 4
Knowledgeable +2 attire environment Ahlonian Lore 4
Perceptive +2 Ahlonian History 5
Wilful +2 Resolve 6
Speak Trade Tongue 5
Brave +1 Teaching 3
Persuasive -1 Flatland Survival 2
Forceful +4
Lucky -1

Character Traits

The Matriarch (3)

Jarien Vaun is head of the vast, and often powerful Vaun clan. The family hold positions of modest esteem throughout Reddown, and even Highdunn, and should she wish to many believe she could have both realms grind to a halt with a few strategic words. Her kinsmen hold her in total awe, and obey her every instruction without question.