The sparse, unwalled port of Kalibashut is the capitol of Kimmura; seat of the King-Priests of the land. In the home of the Arumen Penitence it is not uncommon to see people prostrate themselves in contrition, wailing at the sky, pulling their hair, and striking their breasts in ardent and forlorn pleas for forgiveness from the Elder Divh. A forgiveness that they know they will never believe, for a crime none can truly name. The weight of whatever offence prompted the doom of Arumthar lies heaviest on the shoulders of the people of Kimmura, and nowhere does its weight chafe worse than Kalibashut. In many ways it is an open sore on the broad back of the Broken Kingdom's only true successor.

Region: Kimmura, the Farland.
Total Population: 16,340 approx.
Demographics: 89% Arumen, 7% Irian, 3% Goblyn and Hobgoblyn, 1% Mhulak.
Government: Ruled by a council of priests answering to the Kingpriest. Capitol of Kimmura.
Wealth: 2
Tech. Level: 5
Major Industry: Beadmaking, Glass Blowing, Fig Wine Brewing, Bookmaking (religious).
Major Religions: The Aruman Penitence.

But Kalibashut is also a living, thriving city.

The Tisda

An artefact rescued from old Arumthar, the Tisda survives only in the Kimur capitol now. Even the lands around have largely forgotten, or perhaps never adopted it. The Tisda was the dance of the nobility of Arumthar, but it has become a folk dance for all, performed with great pride and skill at every festival and celebration on the Kalibashut calendar. Dancers dress up in special attire - often the finest they own - of red, green, or sometimes gold, and typically a red silk sash around the waist. Some women use props like the waistdrum, bells, or dancing fan. The man, with explosive energy but precise motions, dances in quick, concise steps; dropping to squatting position and leaping up quickly, and throwing his arms wide. The woman dances more fluidly, taking light, small steps - her skirts giving the impression of drifting - circling the man. The pair never touch, but the man seeks to keep his eyes locked on his twirling partner as she circles him.

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Notable Groups and Individuals

The Night Watch
The Kalibashut Night Watch are famed in the southern Farland. A group of men employed specifically to patrol the streets of the Kimur capitol after dark, they do not answer to the daytime watch. They are a smaller company that the day watch, better paid, and considerably more effective. Hired from amongst the most ruthless of the mercenaries, and many suspect bandits, from along the Usdai borderlands, they are hardened men not unfamiliar with killing. Many amongst their number are goblyns, for their superior vision at night, and it is said that they have furtive informants placed strategically amongst the beggars and hobs of the city. More than once, in the latest hours of the night, the Night Watch has torn down a door, and slain the contents of home, or business, leaving the building burning as a warning. Invariably those they fall upon are confirmed by the city courts to have been dire criminals. Halabren Dranse, a purported veteran from out of Fael-They currently holds the reins of the watch.