The seaside town of Kalis is quickly becoming Maethas’s foremost settlement, and in fact is closing on earning the term city. Mostly of adobe and built in a sheltered basin a hundred meters from the coastal clifftop around some semblance of a trade station, built solely for smuggler caravans or pirates who occasionally come into town. Kalis is the one stop in Maethas for foreign goods, and while Kalis is forbidden to engage in the raids that the rebel Kings Own ride out from Doraust on, it is swiftly becoming the more prosperous of the two settlements.

Region: Ahlonia, Maethas
Total Population: 5,100 approx.
Tech. Level: 5
Major Industry:
Major Religions:

The cliffs above Kalis are dotted with weather-beaten frames with rafts at their bases. Fishermen here are actually winched in their vessels down the sides of the cliff where, in the brutal surf two men use sturdy poles to keep the vessel clear of the cliffside while two others cast enormously long nets out across the surface of the surf where fish leap up to try to turn away from the rocks or else gather clams off the rocks in low tide. Being a fisherman in Kalis has an incredibly high mortality rate, but does represent a good living. The most remarkable of these clifftop rigs are the ones that have five or six hulls where the polesmen are bound to heavy piles on the sides of a large platform that link s the hulls. These are lowered to catch small coastal vessels coming ashore as the waves naturally wash them towards the rocks and then winch them back up. These floating docks are both terrifying and awe inspiring for those not used to them, a marvel of survival despite the impossible harshness of the land.

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Notable Groups and Individuals

Anduin Derrowmere
Anduin Derrowmere is in control of Kalis, and had a fortified set of fields on the hills overlooking the settlement. Large fields of grass and hay and several small goatherds are protected by deep ditches and fearsome guardsmen, as well as a number of cunningly hidden pit-traps. Ditches are backed by palisades based in jagged limestone and Derrowmere’s men have become deadly with their basic slings and javelins. While Derrormere does not rule in the literal sense of the word there is no authority above him, and he does pay the bully squads their fees on Kessel’s behalf, though it would be reasonable to doubt whether he really gets reimbursed or whether he has seen the manner in which this system works and decided to subvert it for himself. His little private army numbers a little over one hundred and fifty men and goblyns, making it the single largest force in the entire Black Barony and he and his followers manage to be comfortable, if not wealthy, on the labour of the local folk.