Kare sits at the heart of the Manese Hills less than a day south of Manara. Though the terrain is rough it is far from mountainous, and the folk of Kare can grow more than enough to keep themselves fed. Despite being a major stop on the road from the Imperatry Plains region to Manara, Kare sees few travellers, even for Cal Manar, because it has a bad reputation. When Kare was first founded it was by wealthy merchants fleeing the heavy handed rule of Manara, and they engendered a suspicious, insular, eccentric regime in Kare. Even today the people are secretive, guarded, and a little unhinged, and some say that people passing through have vanished without a trace with the slightest of provocation or perceived offence.

Region: Cal Manar, Inner Sea Basin
Total Population: 1,450 approx.
Tech. Level: 5
Major Industry:
Major Religions:

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Locations of Interest

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Notable Groups and Individuals

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