Karth is a large town, that services the various whaling communities along the eastern coast of Nasis. When the men of the various villages, who spend the spring and summer months away from their homes, have brought in more whales and fish than they need, they pull their boats up on the rocky slopes of Karth Cove, and make the half hour walk to the town. In the late autumn, before they take to the water again and sail home for the winter, boat after boat of whalers can be seen on the beach, butchering whales to carry to Karth, so that the beach runs red. Neither bone nor skin is left - every inch of the mighty beasts are used or sold. Karth is also notable for its proximity to Byvaag Rock, island home to a colony of Bärchak who have been known to trade with whalers in lean seasons.

Region: The Hallowedland, Nardaan
Total Population: 1,420 approx.
Tech. Level: 4
Major Industry:
Major Religions: One True Faith

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