Katrenburrough is situated on the extreme northern border of Roen, at the top of the western escarpment, and is Roen's premiere settlement. The city sits perhaps a mile out from the edge of the escarpment, certainly within sight, and Fort Katren keeps watch over the Forest there. Katrenburrough itself is typical of settlements of the veldt, it is surrounded by a low curtain wall, which is functional in slowing down an invading army, but certainly would not stop anyone who really wanted to get in. The citys buildings are two level wattle and daub with thatched roofs and narrow shuttered windows. Roads are narrow, and alleyways are a common thoroughfare despite being dirty and cramped. In some places buildings are braced with timbers against one another to add extra support should a structure be damaged in an attack, but generally it is flaming arrows and torches that is Katrenburrough's greatest military weakness.

Region: Ahlonia, The Tresser Veldt, Roen
Total Population: 9,200 approx.
Tech. Level: 6
Major Industry:
Major Religions:

Thanks to a closeness to the densely populated Tireste Katrenburrough sees a lot of traffic both in goods and merchants and in soldiers, and the long and lonely road running from Pelay through Katrenburrough into Fendale brings new visitors daily to Katrenburrough. As a result the people here tend to be open and welcoming to visitors, not least because travelers bring goods and coin into the city. Local farmlands are regularly raided by the Black Eye and so shipments of food and grain are in great demand here, and the locals know that the regular merchant caravans are essential to their continued survival. The Baron of Katrenburrough Richard Bern is keenly aware that the settlements isolation would make it a major target were there ever all out war with the goblyns and so he has been stockpiling goods in the cellars of every building in the city he controls for his entire reign in case of siege, giving away what is in danger of spoiling during festivals. As a result of this largess he is well loved by his people.

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