An ancient language, with its roots in a plethora of primitive beast-tongues, and with not a little Kena-ku, Irian, and even Haedrasian borrowed, stolen, or hidden in its vernacular over the centuries, Kelorn is a bastard chimera of a language, and the essential foundation of one of the great early empires of Allornus. Always adapting, always absorbing new linguistic rules, new ideas, and even whole words from those languages that have direct influence on it, Kelorn remains distinct for the long dead root-languages from which it inherits, but it is always ready to adapt and evolve to better suit its speakers. This has spread Kelorn wide throughout the otherwise politically and culturally dispirit realms of the west.

Kelorn Conventions






Kelorn Terms

Kel, Kal, or Cal - While the spelling is disputed, this term is old Kelorn for 'Kingdom'.

Kelorn Names





Written Language


Languages of Allornus
Ahlonia Isle Trade Tongue; Talthakee; Sielish; Giantish
Shattered Empire Irian; Bosk; Huragga; Ghost-speak
Knives of Rallah Ralstaan; High Ral; Fale'An-Heir; Huragga; Raak
Ancient Duchies Ghanish; Gan; Khal Mhul; Vorgan
Bear Tundra Tu'dra-Bachk, Kardesian
Lands of Chill Malish; Low Haedrasian; Arken
Imperatry Plains Low Haedrasian; Cant; High Cant
Inner Sea Basin Vashri; Kelorn; Irian; Khal Mhul; Bosk; Low Haedrasian; Kena'ku; Black Tongue
Southlands Kelorn; Irian; Bosk; Low Haedrasian; Bray
Unholy Wastes Drak; Malish
Fringe Nations Havari; Drukah
Others Language of Beasts; Language of Trees