Khanti Hills

The Khanti Hills are the steep, rolling north-eastern portion of the Forest Kingdom, the territory of the Goblynking's Black Eye goblyns and home to his capitol at Cravenrock. Once wooded, the Khantis are riddled with tunnels and goblyn mines, and the forests have been totally cleared, leaving just rolling grass and sprawling flax and ferns to take over the land. The hills are gentle, and often have a cave opening or crack in their surfaces. Some of the younger mines still rage with underground fires where goblyn miners have struck natural gas deposits, and these holes smoke or occasionally visibly belch flames, but for the most part the Khantis are still a place of life, if not beauty. The most civilized of all the goblyn lands on Ahlonia, slate-clad timber watchtowers and winch rigs dot the hills, as do small goblyn settlements and yurt-towns following their herds of goblyn steeds.