The Kingsown are the key military force of the Kingdom of Highdunn. Highdunn retains no standing military to speak of, only the Veldt does, except the Kingsown who are a very versatile elite infantry. They have to be able to pressgang infantry in time of war or pressgang watchmen when they duty of protecting a settlement and enforcing the King’s law, but in addition they must be able to operate as scouts, independent warriors or as a unit to form the King’s bodyguard. They are, without a doubt, some of Ahlonia’s most versatile and best equipped soldiers, and perhaps only the Bharvarsh are their equal when fielded en-masse. They are Highdunn’s warriors, their police, and the only individuals who can bear the kingdom’s arms to battle.

Patron: Eldin Reise
Membership: 84 warriors
Home: Thairon

When an army is raised where serfs would be conscripted and drilled then retired by rote in Reddown in Highdunn serfs are merely given a weapon and marched to a battlefield, making their armies far less effective, however since the dead need not be paid at this kind of speed they are considerably less expensive to field. The watch of a given settlement are similar, though they are often offered a coin for their services.

Though highly mobile, Kingsown are not mounted as their cousins the Cavaliers in the Veldt are, their roles as both a police force and elite military body means that they need to be highly mobile and versatile. Most Kingsown work in groups of three or four and keep permanent retainers to transport and maintain their gear. Kingsown are experienced warriors, generally preferring to wear a long mail byrnie over a suit of padded armour, and a helmet. They specialize in a range of weapons, but the most popular combination are spear and round wooden shield, in which they usually instruct any pressganged conscripts. Kingsown hold an exalted social position, and while they do not have their own title or heraldry they are seen as a sort of nobility in their own right, and the wages they draw from the King are ample to keep them in fine food and wine.


Founded as a personal guard and inner circle of warrior elite by Kene Baldardun, the Kingsown once referred to an informal fraternity of the firebrand king's closest friends and hunting companions. However so often were these companions sent to enact the King's will, or called upon to enforce his edicts, they passed the duty to their sons as they became too old and infirm.

The Kingsown of today do not trace their lines back to ancient lineage (or at least most don't), but are instead chosen from amongst men and women who have proven themselves by some act of heroism, either in battle or in the King's name. As a result there is a generous number of folk of common origin in the group, though they almost always favour feats of arms over all others when expanding their membership.


The Kingsown travel the land of Highdunn enforcing the King's law. They protect his excise-men and tithes-men, slay bandits, put down rebellions, raise levies, and pursue criminals as need demands.


The Kingsown only answer to the King. They have little internal hierarchy, though usually younger Kingsown will defer to their more experienced elders. They usually work in trios, pairs, or simply alone and so conflict between two Kingsown is rare, but not unheard if. While they Kingsown are empowered to bring the King's law to any man, including the nobility of the land, for practicality's sake they tend not the about their betters with too much zeal or disrespect.