Kirshire And Fort Toleman

Kirshire sits in the long stretch of grasslands that stretch north of the cloisters up to the coast in the more northerly portion of the Shen Fier. The township is surrounded by small, tightly packed steads and Kirshire isn’t much more than an oversized trade station built to service the immense lumber industry coming out of the protective sphere of Fort Toleman in the east. Thanks to the nearness of Milldale and its namesake mills most of Kirshire is built of heavy, squared off timber houses, with high roves and broad beams, and their roves are thickly and firmly thatched. Kirshire has a wealth of raw materials, and most buildings are in exceptionally good repair. Though it is seldom assailed by much more than a raiding party of goblyns who skirt around the fort in the east the city has sturdy timber walls, with buttresses gates and watch towers guarding it, and these are often braces against the backs of houses to make them stronger. At the northern point of the walls is a squat stone tower of only three levels where a small portion of the local garrison is posted to keep watch over the city, and also where the austere Doge of Kirshire, Brent Caravvel is based.

Region: Ahlonia, The Earldoms, Earldom of Kirshire
Total Population: 3,120 approx
Tech. Level: 6
Major Industry:
Major Religions:

The town sprawls and streets tend to wind in all directions, more dodging buildings than restricting them, but due to the abundance of fertile ground that the town’s presence is wasting buildings remain tightly packed, and larger ones even have a second storey occasionally. Two large market districts fan out around the two main gates and serve as the city’s trade stations and major gathering places, and the shrine in the southern market district serves all of the steaders for miles. A small group of priests has begun making a handsome living by re-lighting the tall, blocky tallow candles for steaders who cannot attend to relight them regularly, and these priests also make a good living making the candles. The city also has several good apothecaries as the loggers often return with a few men wounded in scuffles with goblyn raiders. Soldiers keep a small stables of captured goblyn horses in the upper market district, in the hope of getting enough horses to keep their own stable should they live to retire to a stead. While the stables are barely adequate by most standards the serve the job they’re intended for, and stable hands will often try to make a little extra coin by renting out the horses in their care on the sly.

Fort Toleman is built half a day’s ride to the east at the northern tip of the eastern escarpment. It straddles the egde of the escarpment and sweeps back along its length quite a distance. The fort itself has five baileys and a four level keep. It is broad and squat, but due to its high pearch has no moat or earthworks. Despite obvious signs of use that keep is in good repair, though many of its service buildings and internal structures are timber rather than stone, and the keep has a steep shingled roof. Apart from the main structure a wall with crenelations on either side reaches out along the top of the escarpment for nearly a mile and terminates at a tall round tower. This wall is constantly patrolled by archers, who keep watch over the base of the escarpment to ensure that it’s not worth the trouble to flank the keep by scaling the cliffs.

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Notable Groups and Individuals

Sedric Kir-Toleman
From a long, low hall lit only by torches Earl Sedric Kir-Toleman rules Kirshire. He is a firm, strong man, a capable administrator and a wise delegator. With the model of Reddown at his back he rules by council, a council he elects to the position every year. Only in his thirties, the Earl is unmarried, has no legitimate children and still enthusiastic about his realm. Sedric has an illegitimate son named Martain who he dotes upon like a son, and the boy, now in his twelfth year, seems like a likely heir should the Earl perish, although Sedric’s half-brother Thomas may have as strong a claim. Rumour suggests that Thomas may have actively enlisted aid in his quest for Sedric’s throne in fact, though this is only vague rumour at this point.