The walled city of Kithridge is the administrative capitol of the Earldom of Rotheron, though the Earl makes his home some twenty leagues south at Fort Rotheron on the road between Cavalier's Falls and Pelay. Like much of Rotheron, Kithridge dates back to the earliest settlement of eastern Ahlonia by the brothers Tressilian, and though its doughty fortifications are of relatively modern design, much of the old town dates back to those early days. The old town is a loosely packed affair, of winding roads and rat-warren alleys built around the garrison and the gaols. To the north sits the new town, where the timber-framed buildings are more tightly packed, their wooden shingled rooves steeper, and the roads broader and straighter. Finally, basilica town sits in the south-east, built on roads that radiate from the Basilica of Kithridge and its adjoining Fists Of Koroth chapter-house.

Region: Ahlonia, The Tresser Veldt, Rotheron
Total Population: 8,300 approx.
Demographics: 100% landsmen
Government: Appointed Doge serving the Earl of Rotheron
Wealth: 4
Tech. Level: 6
Major Industry: Logging and timber, military metalwork.
Major Religions: Orthodox Church of the Dioune

The old town of Kithridge sits where a low ridge, offering a commanding view of the forest to the west and overlooking the banks of the river Teveren. The river is narrow, only navigable by ox-drawn barges, but it is also deep and dark and rich in trout. The garrison sports a cluster of tapering watchtowers atop which scouts use an ingenious combination of torch and mirror to signal what activity they see over leagues of verdant forest. The banks are also home to a number of large, slothful otters with little fear of men. They bask belly-up amongst the fishermen and beached barges. On the south-eastern bank the new city contains the warehouses and markets. It is where the bulk of the city's business is done, and though Kithridge lacks the culture of the Heartland cities or hubs of thought and art like Southaven, some of the handful of restaurants and hostels here are even passable.

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Harald Mourn
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