Knightly Warsword

The Knightly Warsword is a weapon unique to the Knights of the Knives of Rallah. Exceptionally well made, the warswords are three feet in length, designed to stretch from the wielder’s fingertips to the ground when his arms are at his side. The warsword has a broad, double-edged blade that terminates in the point at the very tip. It is quite heavy and the blade is usually five to seven inches wide. The hilt is bound and has a large, often long, heavy pommel, and in most forms a broad cross guard which is usually basketed. Efficient as both a slashing and stabbing weapon the warsword’s weight, manageability and ability to parry make it common and easy to use.

The warsword is made out of two separate steel alloys, the cutting edge designed to allow the sharpest possible edge while the spine of the sword is maximized for strength. The block of combined steel is heated and hammered over a period of several days, and then it is folded and hammered to squeeze the impurities out. Generally a warsword is folded no more than sixteen times, then it is hammered into a basic sword shape, and quenched in holy water then blessed and consecrated to Rallah. After the blade is forged it is then polished. The polishing takes several weeks. The polisher uses finer and finer grains of polishing stones until the blade has a mirror finish. This makes the blade extremely sharp and much easier to cut with. Then the sword is branded with the heraldry of the knight who is to wield it and with the rising sun symbol of Rallah, blessed again, and quenched in the blood of the knight for whom it is made to ensure that he and the edge are one. The result is one of the finest weapons to be found anywhere.

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