Koric Guard

The Koric Guard are a sub-order of the Warriors of the Church who are specifically charged with defending the Grand High Prelate and the city of Southaven. While technically a part of the warriors of the church, the Koric guard have a very different duty to the pursuit of war in the name of the church, and so their number are kept separate. Made up from the most decorated and pious members of the order of the warriors of the church, the Koric Guard receive the best equipment and best training that church gold can buy.

Patron: Koroth
Membership: 100 approx.
Captain: Boerd Candrel
Home: The Bastion, Southaven


The Koric Guard were divided from the Order of the Warriors of the Church in 275 HC after an attempt on the life of the High Prelate of Reddown by a siele assassin on the night of the dull blades. High Prelate Marra barely survived thanks to the intervention of the divhi Koroth himself, impaling the assassin on a decorative spear, and was inspired to create an order in Koroth's name that would accompany the two prelates everywhere they went, recognizing that they were now the focus of enemy attacks.


The Koric Guard's sole order is to protect the person of the Grand High Prelate and all members of the Order of the Garden while they are in the city of Southaven. They must ensure the secret conduct of the Order of the Garden, and ensure that the caucus remains orderly and under control. To this end they have also taken it upon themselves to police the city to some extent, ensuring that threats to the Grand High Prelacy and the Great Basilica do not arise, rather than reacting to them when they do.


The Koric Guard are a single unit, always kept at a hundred strong, drawn from the ranks of the best of the Order of the Warriors of the Church. They are barracked together and their captain administrates every one of them. When acting as guards fifteen always accompany the Grand High Prelate at all times, a further fifteen guard the garden and another twenty man the Bastion and keep the walls of the Great Basilica. The balance are at the disposal of the captain to pursue his business in the city itself, where they have authority - supposedly - over the rest of the guard. Of course, the guard in the employ of the T'Ovari have no respect for the authority of the Koric Guard or the office of the Grand High Prelate.