Built on the north-west shores of Lake Camar near the western end of Kove pass, the citystate of Kovarth serves as second city to the Ralstaan Kingdom of Tarabat. Until eleven years ago Kovarth was the seat of the Kings of House Slaine and capitol city of the nation of Kovarth, but with the death of Aed Uth-Slaine and all of the scions of house Slaine, and Kovarth's conquest by it's current King, that changed forever. Kovarth and Kove pass sit on a crucial route around the marshes on the southern banks of Lake Camar where the Lammornian Highway, also known as the northern tradeway, now lies.

Region: Kingdom of Tarabat, Avalaigh, Ralstaa
Total Population: 18,500 approx.
Tech. Level: 6
Major Industry:
Major Religions:

Kovarth is similar to other young Ralstaan cities. Three tiers of stone walls over watch one another and protect an inner city where the upper classes dwell, and the outer two districts contain a mixture middle and lower class homes. Kovarth has no docks of it's own, it is set perhaps a mile back from the edges of the lake where the smaller unwalled village of Lakeside serves as the dock for Kovarth without leaving a hole in it's defenses. Rather than locate the citadel at the center of the city, Caer Slaine bridges the outer and second walls without being accessible via them, and the tradeway passes directly under it's battlements, so that the entire city is built to keep the way into and out of the Kove Pass open.

Made from a light blue-grey granite quarried in the Spearmarches nearby, Kovarth is mainly comprised of single-story buildings, except in the inner city where shops and townhouses are more commonly two or even three. Regardless the city walls are taller than any other building in the city, meaning that from outside with no visible roof line the city is just three layers of straight lines with Caer Slaine protruding. Houses are roofed and shuttered in a red-brown stained pine and there is generally a sense of uniformity in Kovarth that makes it easy to get lost. The streets and plazas are broad, but alleys are very narrow, scarcely accommodating walking two abreast. Every square has a large fountain where people can collect water, and the women of the household are a beautiful sight as at dawn and dusk they come out to fill pales for the morning and evening meals.

There are a few key locations within Kovarth, the ruined temple of the Slaine Cult sits at the very center of the inner city, it has yet to find a new purpose since being sacked after the fall of Kovarth, and currently the austere building is acting as a storehouse for salted fish. The tradeway diverts through a fortified section of city, and immediately adjoining this is the market plaza where the majority of the city's trade takes place, and also where Kovarth's inns and stables are all clustered. The city garrison sits at the base of Caer Slaine in a series of long narrow barracks fanning out from a hexagonal armoury. There is a small Ikar aerie atop the city walls towards the mountains, but it is currently totally empty.

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Notable Groups and Individuals

Landen 'Longshank' Uth-Traejan
The current regent of Kovarth is Baron Landen 'Longshank' Uth-Traejan, a capable man who commanded the city's conquest. Now too old and infirm to fight, he has turned an able military mind to administration and found it to be more than a match to the job. His household staff and the bureaucrats who run the city are drilled like an army, and every man knows his role with utter clarity.

Andric the Betrayer
Landen's high provost is Andric the Betrayer. Andric has served as Provost since the city’s fall when he was merely the captain of the north-east gate. Responsible for surrendering the gate to the invading armies of Tarabat for a sizable pile of gold, even eleven long years after the fall of the Uth Slaine line Andric has still been unable to shake the moniker ‘The Betrayer’ and even those loyal to him find themselves subconsciously using it, without the malice it may have once borne. Andric himself outlawed the cult of Slaine and had most of it's initiates locked in the dungeons to die, but as a former initiate Andric has become paranoid that Slaine himself will return for revenge. To counter this he has begun to dabble in protective spells and keeps a witch on his staff. Many of her spells have taken a toll on his health in their working, and the fear is beginning to affect his sanity.