Lake Dale

Lake Dale is easily the most important body of water in Ahlonia, and sits at the very heart of Reddown, dividing north from south. More goods and people cross Lake Dale in a year than any other border in Ahlonia save perhaps that between Highdunn and Southaven. Dale is a deep, calm freshwater lake, with no less than three major settlements on it's banks if one includes Daultin just a few miles up the Mier. Bandale and Dorndale in Sigard are both also major ports despite being leagues upon leagues inland. Dale is fed by the Vence, the Mier, the Hargh and the Dorn, as well as a number of smaller streams draining from the cloisters and the werndel highlands.

In addition to the economical advantages of using barge-trains to transport goods across the lake from port to port the lake also teems with freshwater fish, including bass, catfish, barracuda, pike, trout and eels, as well as rich colonies of crabs and crayfish along the rocky shores and shoals. Fishermen willing to brave the enormous gnats in these ares find themselves with a wealth of a valuable delicacy.