Lake Nash

Lake Nash, similar in size to Lake Varkash in the Forest Kingdom, is the heart of Roughlands civilization, and the only thing sustaining a settlement the size of Nashby. Sharing it's shallow, silty conditions and sandy bed with Lake Sone in the south, Nash's banks are not so fertile, rather ruddy red-brown stone dips right down into the water before being coated in greenish sands. Locals are happy to drink the water and bathe in it, but travelers are urged to take care where they drink, and boil their water before using it as it often makes outsiders extremely ill. Several rivers feed Lake Nash, the most prominent of which are the Stoneflow, that actually drains from the Lake into the Fenns, the Nash the passes through Nashby and the long, straight Long River that flows from the south. The waters of the lake come from the mountains surrounding the Vale of Mists and the Giantspines in the north and east respectively, and are often coloured reddish-orange with the dust that they carry. During the spring melt this turns the surface of the lake russet, and this time is known by the locals as the bloodtide. On the first day of the bloodtide the folk of Nashby refuse to leave their houses, and remain in deep prayer to the Dioune.