Lake Sone

The more southerly of the two great lakes of the Roughlands, Lake Sone sits at the foot of the Southern Mountains where they drain into a broad fertile valley. The banks of Lake Sone resemble the Oldarth Planes in the west far more than they do the rest of the Roughlands, with stands of hardy trees and coarse, rock strewn grass, broken by occasional citrus and olive groves. In fact olives from the Lake Sone region are said to be the finest in Highdunn. At its southern point Sonalburrough, capitol of the Roughlands, sits along the banks, though the lake is too shallow and silty to host a port, and few fish larger than minnows, aside from a particularly stunted breed of freshwater barracuda, live in the waters, making it pointless to fish in. However on hot days locals like to bathe or wash their clothes along the sandy banks. The Sonepont is the only river of note, running out of an underground source in the hills to the south and feeding clearer, cleaner water into the lake.