Lake Varkash

The largest body of water in the Forest Kingdom, Lake Varkash sits at the southern end of the Khanti Hills, with the fortress of Cravenrock on its northern banks. Polluted by the runoff from the mines of the Khanti Hills, the surface of Lake Varkash is slick and rainbow hued with oil, and impenetrably dark and murky. Goblyns, naturally mistrustful of water, do not ply the lake, and what creatures survive beneath the murky surface remain unharassed and free to prosper as they can. The edges of the water are barren and slick and smell faintly of rot, and dense mosses grow over the surface and onto the shore. They say that the three nation army was driven into these waters by the forces of the first Goblynking Vachak Taar, the namesake of these waters, and it is said that mere feet below visibility all along the northern banks armed and armoured bodies lie several deep, drowned and pierced with goblyn arrows and spears. In places skeletal hands or feet protrude from the surface, reaching for salvation, and spear hafts and even skulls bob on the surface further out.