Lamellar Armour

Lamellar Armour consists of hundreds of small rectangular iron, or sometimes bronze plates (or lamellae) which are pierced in various locations and laced together into horizontal rows to the proper length needed to construct a particular armour item - usually a breastplate, hauberk or coat. The rows of lamellar armour resemble scale armour, but differ by not needing a cloth or leather backing for the lamellae, and the lamellae are pierced in many more locations, and usually individually larger. Lamellar also tends to be stiffer, making it more effective against clubbing blows than most kinds of mail. As such lamellar represents a link between plate armour and mail. Popular in the west, Maldrak light infantry consider lamellar a suitable alternative to the heavy plate of their best warriors, and to all manner of warriors throughout the Inner Sea Basin and Southlands lamellar is the heaviest armour they can attire themselves with, occasionally with a more traditional plate breastplate and helmet.

type material hard B hard I hard W pro B pro I pro W encumbrance durability tech code
Hardened Leather
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