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Tech Code: 6
Governments: The Incorporated Feudal Fief of Lammornia.
Religions: The Temple of the Sun, The Lammor Cult
Industries and Trades:
Major Terrain:
Primary Languages:
Major Settlements: Lammor's Watch, Tohl Waen,


Physical Geography

The kingdom of Lammornia, better known as the Pale Kingdom, sits on the southern horn of the second knife, flanked by the Gulf of Shay and the Tuor Gulf.

Political Geography

The Lleweith kingdom of Lammornia was among the most prosperous and powerful, almost the rival of Talladale or Braedenthyr before the unification. Even now it remains one of the largest single fiefs in all of Ralstaa.

Social Geography

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Abridged History

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The Lammorns

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Flora and Fauna

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Notable Individuals

Ancient Lotan, King of the Lammorns
It is hard to forget that Lammornia is called 'The Pale Kingdom' in the presence of it's King, for like every king before him, Ancient Lotan's skin is snow-white, and his hair is fiery orange, and only a Lammor child born with such colour is allowed to be named heir, by law as old as the land itself, when Lammor the Red was settled here under Rallah herself.

Today in the Pale Kingdom…

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The Knives of Rallah, High Kingdom of Ralstaa
The Shaeish Kingdoms Caldare, Donnaigh, Rhuovaith, Kileirey, Balleymoore, Cannavin, Wynd, Breconn, Coulbaigh
The Lleweith Kingdoms Avalaigh, Haeliard, Lammornia, Branddale, Talladale, Bradenthyr, Tohl
The Starwood Cwmbran, Kentallen Wood, Uerenuell
Tuarvael Castrette, Serlot, Friesse
The Dunsain Kingdoms Byrnham, Blackstone, Craigbyrn, Duncarrick, Strath Gorge, Garynshae, The Clanlands, Aulorn's Gate
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