Landsmen, or simply Men are those descended from the tribes of the now lost Isle of Men. They were the changelings formed after their most prominent and successful progeny shaped in the image of the Divh. As a result the tribes of the Landsmen are far more alike than those of the Beastmen, and differences are largely superficial. The Landsmen are some of the most populous and successful of all of the races on the face of Allornus. There are six acknowledged tribes of landsmen on Allornus, these are the Haedar, the Nofo, the Malorns, the Ral, the Ghans and the Iri. Of these five survive, with the thrice-cursed Nofo possibly extinct, and certainly in a state of dissolution. In addition many races are divided into subraces, with the Malorns and Draks, Irians and Tribeless, Vicighans and Carroghans, and Shaeish, Lleweith, and Dunsain each having their own distinct identities within their parent races.


The Divh created the world, and then sought to populate it with mortal creations made in their own image. To this end they made the changelings from clay, giving them a spark of life. These changelings were incomplete, for as they were only coming to understand the world the Divh thought it best to make the changelings adaptable, so their form was not defined, rather they had the power to alter themselves to best suit the lives they would lead.

Two groups of changelings were created. The first were the myrnamun, who were placed upon the Isle of Myr amongst the beasts that had sprung forth from elemental life. Life for the myrnamun was demanding, and they competed with the beasts and animals for land and food. The second group, known to us today as the slateskins, were the ancestors of landsmen. They were placed upon the Isle of Men, where the land and the sea were bountiful and the temperature pleasant.

The slateskins thrived, but as they began to separate into tribes they began to forget how to change. The Divh saw this, and while they allowed the myrnamun to forget and take on whatever form they had chosen they took the slateskins and shaped them. Choosing the most perfect from amongst each tribe the Divh gifted that being with immortality, fixing his form forever, then urged his followers to emulate his form. In this way were the six tribes of men were born, and henceforth the inhabitants of the Isle of Men became the landsmen.


Since the sundering of the Isle of Men the landsmen have become widespread throughout Allornus. The remaining five tribes settled and founded great empires in vastly different parts of the world. The Haedar dominate the centre of the continent, the Ghans control the lands of the east and north east right to the Kardesian tundra. The Ral live in the vast forests of the south-east. The Malorns have a great nation in the north-western corner of the continent and spread onto the northern continent of Nardaan and the Iri, fewest and yet most amongst the great tribes, settled along the southern coast, but soon spread, leaving the tribeless settled in their wake in both the Isle of Ahlonia and the lands to the west of Haedrasia, right to the edge of the Battlewaite and from the Inner Sea in the north down to the Bair of Suirene and the Aruman Sea in the south. There seem to be no limits to the conditions that Landsmen can prevail in, though some tribes are more successful than others. The Malorns even survived for several generations inside the Nightmare Lands in the northern part of Battlewaite, the most hostile environment in the known world.

The An-Heir

That the mysterious An-Heir are landsmen seems certain. They are certainly not the half-beast myr, nor the giant ogiere, and though they are pale of skin and ebon of hair, and smaller in number than any other race of men, their physical resemblance beyond this makes it impossible for them to be anything else. Whether they are of the hostile and insular sort, dwelling in the deepest darkest woods and slaying any who enter their lands with relentless cruelty, or the travelling people whose tiny bands roam the wilder areas of south-eastern Allornus, they remain an enigma. Their origins lost of the annals of men.

The Volume of Beasts: Bestiary for Darkrealm
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