Without a doubt the largest of Haedrasia's territories, the northern province of Lekia (LEK-ee-ah) perhaps owes its vastness to the scarcity of civilization when compared to the southern provinces. Where to the south towns and cities jut from the flatlands like copses of weird, petrified growth, here the breathtaking sweep of the plains, and the wavering lines of low hills, bisected by glimmering, ephemeral waterways goes unchallenged by the mark of civilization. Barren roads wander in ragged disarray through coarse lowlands, and towns hunker modestly low, as if unwilling to draw attention to themselves.

Tech Code: 5
Governments: Totalitarian theocratic dominion administered by the Arch-Primate of Lekia.
Religions: Imperatry Temple
Industries and Trades:
Major Terrain: Flatlands, Sea.
Primary Languages: Low Haedrasian, Cant.
Major Settlements: Cenobia, Hydus, Phaedra, Quarus.


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The Imperatry Plains of Mighty Haedrasia
The Frozen North Cosarian Islands, Perca, Lekia, Illyum
The Ghan States Khalavic-Ghania, Trazdek-Ghania, Dragolchok-Ghania, Royal Haedrasia
The Central Flats Haedarium, Icarium, Lukaria, Haedrasia and the Unchallenged City, Roetia
The Drak Frontier Black Ice Bay, Maldrakaneum, The Salt Flats, Turana
The Kelorn Districts Gamon, Marisarn, Cal-Tolun, Trodur, The Three Cities
The Southern Soldatry Pannonium, Sacraminium, The Bair
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