After the birth of Water the other elements settled, and in this peaceful moment elemental Life was able to spring. Life is the energy of vitality, of activity and action, of free will and determination, and of mending and sentience.

Life In The World

Life energy manifests in the world in the form of the soul, the eternal energy of spirit that anchors mortal beings into the shadow world, and gives life and essence to their living bodies. Places and animals also have spirits, though these massive life forms, the last of the elementals, are shared between the living things of the lands they embody. The energy of life is present around all living things, be they plant, beast or mortal.

Life In Alchemy

It is often considered immoral to use the energy of life in alchemy, but the most precious of formulae, those that prolong life and invigorate the spirit, all require the sacrifice of a little life energy. This can be as simple as seeds, whose potential to spring forth a living being is well known, but the most powerful call for a portion of a mortal soul. Most alchemists would not even know how to capture such and intangible thing, and fewer still would be willing to. Life in the tertiary however is often used to brew potions that give an individual a burst of energy.

Life In Channeling

Channeling life energy can invigorate or replenish the spirit, though it's effects on the body are often dubious it can speed natural healing, however it is also able to lock the soul into the body when it would naturally depart in death, allowing the body to be healed in a form of stasis. However the opposite is also true, and there are those powers that allow powerfully gifted channelers to sever the soul from the body by act of will. Giving animate life to inanimate material, summoning a temporary artificial soul is also a common application of life energy.

The Gift of Life

Those given the Gift of Life usually display very little evidence of their elemental heritage. While the trappings of the gift of life are few mortals who benefit from it often find their health to be excellent, able to recover from wounds, and shrug off illness and poison with much greater ease than others of their race. The gift of life, in its most powerful form, often manifests in the greater ability of the spirit to sustain outside of the body, and those so gifted have been able to dream-walk for days, even months while their mortal forms lie untouched in seeming eternal sleep.

The Elemental Wheel

Life borders water and it's younger cousin; death. The border with water is called drink, and is the energy of sustenance and mediation, that allows the volatile elements of the mortal body to work as one. The border with death is called cycle, the energy of beginnings and endings. Life opposes air, where life has freedom, will and spirit air rules in broad strokes, life stands against the rushing gale.