Light is the elemental energy of vision, of truth, and of what is real and actual. It is an energy that creates contrast and opposition, but also one which reveals. Light is the energy of thought and knowledge and sensation.

Light In The World

Light is a strange energy, drawn to fire energy light only visits the world, its source is in the heavens, in the sun and the moons. The sun travels the sky making the day, and the moons, which circle above the world in their own obscure circles, become visible when the sun is not lighting the sky. The sky itself is the home of light energy, and it is only drawn to the land by concentrations of fire. However it's energy persists in truth and intelligence without physically manifesting.

Light In Alchemy

Exposure to light is a rare requirement in alchemy, and while some of the rarer alchemical ingredients are phosphorescent, indicating light in the secondary or tertiary level few substances are preferable for this property. Ingredients that hold light are often delicate, but potions that compel the truth or those that aid divination usually rely on light - though never in the primary level. Some alchemists are beginning to theorize that simply being exposed to the right radiation of light energy could be a way to administer a potion.

Light In Channeling

Light is usually channeled by those who seek truth or enlightenment, as well as in it's most basic function: to generate light by which to see. The energies of light wax in the day and wane at night, though the energies of the moons are usually substantial enough for the energies not to utterly fail. Light magic allows for magical divination, normal divination is concerned with the searching for signs, but magical divination allows signs to be directly demanded, and while they are as unreliable as most auguries, they are certainly clearer.

The Gift of Light

The Gift of Light often gives its gifted a knack for knowing what is true, as well as shielding them from the blinding glare of bright illumination. More powerful gifted individuals often have the power to perceive only what is real, to hear only what is true, or sometimes with great intelligence or insight. Many are infused with a faint glow, or their eyes and mouths release faint light, and often the light of day, or of a certain moon has an invigorating effect upon them.

The Elemental Wheel

Light borders air and dark on the wheel. The border with air is day, the energy of wakefulness, perception and understanding, the border with dark is called shadow, or shade in lands where that word has negative connotations. Shadow is the energy of illusion, of art and of representation, of what is not real yet not fully believed - an energy that saturates the borders between the shadow world and the mortal world.