Mahadmar Kadar

The cruel Karv of the Killing Claw Mahadmar Kadar is likely the most feared Karv of the whole of the Talthak. The Killing Claw are undoubtedly the largest and most seasoned single force in that entire realm, and Kadar is fond of proving his warriors' supremacy at every opportunity. Ruthless beyond most of his fellows, Mahadmar relishes inflicting pain, and from twistedly inventive tortures from prisoners, to choosing weapons that maim rather than kill, Kadar has no mercy in his horrid body.


Kadar is memorable for several distinctive features, he is horribly ugly, with an impossibly long pointed nose, tall pointed ears, the top of one of which has been cleanly bitten off by something. His eyes are tiny and deep-set, and nearly entirely black and his mouth is a narrow gash upturned at the corners in a cruel sort of permanent grin. His long greasy hair is jet black, and he tends towards being unkempt and dirty. Mahadmar is smaller than most of his kind, but his build is similarly lithe and angular, and his hands are especially long fingered and dexterous.


The second thing one notices about Mahadmar is his voice. He has the high toned voice of most goblyns however his mind is as agile as his hands, and Mahadmar enjoys demonstrating this. He is fluent in the language of men, and insists that his commanders only address him in this language. He claims that he finds the language of the goblyns ugly and ungainly, but it is more likely that he enjoys the advantage that negotiation in a foreign language gives him over lesser goblyns. The third thing one remembers about the Karv of the Killing Claw is his ruthless, gleeful, blatant and unabashed sadism.


Kadar was a raider early in his youth, being welcomed amongst the Killing Claw's riders younger than any of his peers. A savage in battle, goblyns are known for husbanding the communities they raid, but Mahadmar Kadar slew all within his reach, be they farmer, soldier, or even child. Amongst the warriors of his tribe, tired of withdrawing in the face of farmers with pitchforks, he was a balm for wounded pride, and the young slayer became quickly celebrated. The more Kadar rode with them, the more murderous the Killing Claw's riders became, until they carried a young Mahadmar to bloodily seize leadership of the tribe. Now Kadar has led the Killing Claw for close to a decade. He saw the rise of the Goblynking, and was one of the first to bend his knee to Pachak. Though he has tasted defeat many times in the east, his passion remains for violence and battle and blood, and not mere victory.


Popular legend amongst the Killing Claw says that Kadar murdered his family, and this could well be true, because there is no trace of a lineage within the tribe. Others think that he may have originally hailed from another tribe, or one of the unaligned goblyn settlements in the Talthak. What is certain is that he has a propensity for murdering his underlings when they displease him. His current favourites are a trio of ruthless young warriors called Saed, Jinder and Dalip. The other Karv, especially Nakesh Tharn of the Burned Stump, are quickly growing tired of Kadar's rashness and unpredictability. It is likely that someone will move to remove him before too long.


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Character Traits

Exquisite Cruelty (3)

Kadar's every thought, his every motion, is cruel. Even his appearance reinforces that. And so while his delight for inflicting pain has given him a towering, and fearsome reputation, that is often enough to dissuade those who might otherwise challenge him, it has also clouded his judgement, and led him into rash action in his eagerness to cause pain.