The thief Maijstral of the City of Lights is known, though seldom by the right name, throughout the districts of Peathouse, Sendale and Breakford by his calling card - an affectation many thieves who pride themselves upon skill like to leave at the scene of their crimes - an ornate 'M' scrawled on a piece of parchment or leather, and left on the inside of the front door. Known as M the thief, Majarl, Maral and by a number of other names, he specializes in the kind of finesse crime rare to Allornus; preferring to go unnoticed, take only what is of value, and leave only those traces he chooses to. It is because of this odd flair more than his exploits themselves that is spreading the young man's name. And also why certain parties are beginning to believe that he is a man that can procure certain specific items on contract - if only they could find him.


Despite his great balance and agility, Maijstral is surprisingly stout and broad shouldered. In fact one looking upon him might find it hard to believe that he is capable of the feats of physical agility of which he is capable, but it is his compact frame that makes this possible. Coloured like all of the descendants of the Ral, Maijstral has olive skin and golden fine hair, which he keeps cropped short to better conceal. His beard is weak, and he shaves as regularly as he can, but his youth means that this is usually unnecessary. Soft featured and youthful, Maijstral is not a powdered and courtly beauty but he has his own charm, with the quirk of his lop sided smile and the mischievous twinkle in his golden eyes. His hands are calloused and knotted like a farmhand's, and nothing about his appearance speaks to the speed or stealth of which he is capable.


Maijstral may have begun stealing to survive, like so many like him, but quickly the thrill of the challenge became as important as survival. Maijstral is a daredevil, all charm, enthusiasm and excitement with none of the gravity of consequence. He is seldom truly challenged, has never had any serious brushes with the law, or his peers, and has the brash confidence and appealing swagger of one who laughs in the face of danger. This doesn't mean that Maijstral is a fool by any measure, simply that he has yet to taste serious consequences for his behavior. Aside from his brash confidence Maijstral is a witty, charming, polite yet playfully impertinent, and genuinely likable young man. As a professional he loves to take risks, loves to challenge himself, and is cool headed and prepared no matter what the situation.


Maijstral's past is like that of so many other thieves in Tohl, or across all of Allornus. His parents were taken from him at a very young age, and he was left alone on the streets of an impossibly huge and implacably unkind city to fend for himself or die. Maijstral doesn't remember who his parents were or quite what district he was orphaned in, or really even exactly what age he was when he lost them. Those things are lost to the vagueness of childhood. He knows that they were of no more than modest means, and that they were taken from him by a terrible plague, which was likely no more terrible than those that take parents from children every summer. He spent his early years cutting purse strings when he should've clung to apron strings, and living in crude wooden shelters with other boys. Even then he loved to show off, to wait 'til the last moment, to bait pursuers on when he should have shaken them. As the boy progressed to become a young man cutting purses ceased to be enough for him. He mastered taking a purse or a loaf or a piece of jewellery in the marketplace, and he especially tired of living in the streets when just beyond the wall he huddled against others sat by a fire. And so one day he simply broke a latch, opened a shutter, went into a house and lit up the fire while it was empty, and was gone before its owners knew he had ever been there. Since then he has never looked back. Running alone now, since too much word of his activities, or too many clumsy emulators would ruin the game, he as made a tidy income for himself. So much that he has rented a small home, furnished it, and made a comfortable life for himself - even if those around think it strange that he sleeps all day, and yet always still seems to have ample coin for food and drink and those other things a man enjoys in a big city.


Maijstral may like to work alone, but this certainly does not mean that he has cut himself off from his old friends. Indeed information is his currency, and he cannot know all that goes on in The City. For this reason Maijstral makes sure to keep in regular contact with many of his old running mates, meeting for drinks and to reminisce of the old times, and brag of their new accomplishments as often as they can. Of this group of orphan thieves, proven successes by having lived this long, Maijstral, Kallor, Balan and Fult are the core, and all of these men have known one another since childhood, and trust each other as implicitly as any thief has ever trusted. Balan knows most about his friend's activities, as he now fences stolen goods through a small shop in Broadstreet. Maijstral has also taken to his landlady, the matronly widow Greta as something of a mother figure, and since her sons are all far spread she returns the feeling to Maijstral, taking messages and visitors on his behalf during his sleeping hours, preparing the evening meal and insisting that he accompany her to the temple on all of the holy days.


Race sex race Skills
Age category (n) Skill Points: spent/total
Profession profession (n) skill value speciality value
Faith faith (n)
Class description (n/n)
Statistics Inventory
Agility n weapon attack damage reach
Beauty n
Constitution n
Dexterity n
Endurance n armour protection hardness durability
Initiative n
Strength n tools skill modifier
Intelligence n attire/misc notes
Knowledge n
Perception n
Will n
Wisdom n
Bravery n
Charm n
Leadership n
Negotiation n
Luck n
Plan Bipedal
Cycle Diurnal
Diet Omnivore
Inferior ESP 2

Character Traits

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