Manku Mage Clan

Of all of the remaining three mage clans, the Manku Mage Clan holds fastest to the ideals upon which they were founded, perhaps because of the stigma associated with the magic of death which they guard. Only the most senior Manku are allowed to even begin to study real magic, any lore the Manku acquire is painstakingly reproduced in code, and the originals destroyed, and junior brothers are not privy to the tools to decode any of the Manku's written work. However their secretive nature has served to bolster the sinister reputation of the Manku inner circle as much as it has secured their lore.

Membership: 206 Brothers
Master: Pekor the Heavy Handed
Home: Towers of Canangard, Irak
Colour: Red
Element: Death
Speciality: Necromancy


The Manku know that they have a dark reputation, that the study of the energies of death has them viewed as ghouls by many folk, and that the fall of Arumthar and the suspicion of mage involvement in that terrible tragedy only make matters worse. The Manku have never feared a bad reputation though, and some even revel in it. The Manku have no doubt that their role is to find dangerous magic and lock it away where it can never do harm, and such is their clarity in this goal, that if they have to do a certain amount of harm to claim the magic, then it must be commensurate of the harm the magic might do if left unchecked. And if a rogue magician must be slain, then they will not flinch from ending a life and claiming the rogue's power.

While Pekor's senior brethren will see petitioners who seek to join or offer tomes or items they have found readily, they have never yet granted magical aid to anyone outside of the clans. Still, Pekor will grant an audience to any of the local rulers who seek his attention, and has sword that to hear their petitions is his duty. Quickly these men and women realized that this in no way means that he will do their bidding however, just that the ancient scholar-bird will come to hear their requests and missives any time of the day or night. Quickly, however, when a new ruler gauges the situation the missives stop coming.


For the Manku their vestments are very important, because they are proud to wear them as a part of the clan, and keen to remind those who would persecute them that they are united, and that to attack one of their number is to attack all. They all wear a voluminous, pleated robe of midnight blue, belted at the waist, and over this several layers of scarlet, first a surcoat, and then a stole, and finally a skullcap. The broad cloth belt worn over this is also of midnight blue hue, and loosely holds the whole flowing costume together. Senior brethren and conjurers have the right to decorate their attire with the symbols of stylized skulls or realistic landsman hearts to further enhance their menace, and some brethren will even use a chalk paste to paint skulls onto their faces - a reminder that when they stand in council, death remains always amongst them.


There is a very clearly defined hierarchy within the Manku, though few are keen to join, because of the stringent stance of the Manku Primarchs, so the senior ranks almost outnumber the juniors. First there is the primarch, then his inner circle who have the right to study those works the primarch prescribes available (less than a tenth of their total catalogued vaults), but only with expressed permission from the primarch on each occasion. These are known as the senior brethren. Below the senior brethren are the conjurers, those given leave to access the small list of 'safe' works should they wish to study them. Below them are the brethren, men who can handle and encode works of magical lore, but have no rights to study it. They are, however, trusted with the means to encode - and thus decode - it. Finally there are the neophytes, who can only handle encoded materials, and never magical relics. When they leave the vault at Canangard, usually one conjurer will go forth with a half dozen neophytes at his disposal, but in the towers all conjurers and senior brethren have a pair of neophytes permanently at their beck and call. Masters are encouraged to be cruel and demanding with their charges, to teach them responsibility and consequences believed to be essential to magic.

Notable Members

The Primarch of the Manku, Pekor the Heavy Handed, is noted as a harsh disciplinarian. The aging kenu has led the clan for three decades and doesn't seem ready to end his tenure yet. His closest advisor, the senior brother Rannek of the Manku, is the lorekeeper of the vaults - a position of greater than average esteem amongst the Manku. He is a man who has the tools to destroy an army single handed should it be needful, or so the rumours say. Rumours spread by the conjurers who are at large in the world, seeking magical lore, and of their number none is so well known as the diplomatic and cautious Angrir en-Mars.

The Nine Kelorn Mage Clans
Active Chalarn; Manku; Reküm
Historic Büren; Chelenari; Duräd; Ma-Len; Numidir; Pachar;