Marcus Templar

Marcus Templar, aka Marak Temple, aka Markum Greyen, aka Greytemples the Pirate, aka the Forever Man, is an adventurer, highwayman, insurgent, scoundrel and hero of both ill and glowing fame. An enigma, at times it is as if Templar is more than one man, indeed his lifetime of feats would suggest the lifespans of several men. The seeming banality of the ageing wanderer in contrast to the towering legends that flock to his many names might lead anyone to doubt he is so feared and celebrated a figure - and for his part Marcus never lays any claim to the vaunted past thrust on him.


Short, solidly built, and expanding across the middle, Marcus is grizzled and battered and none who see this man, with his many-times broken nose, crooked grin, salt and pepper hair falling over his face or uneven beard, would think him anything more than some roguish vagabond. Marcus is not a remarkable man, he looks like he is slipping into the twilight of his life, and his movements are often stiff, and his voice cracks now and again. He attires himself for comfort, in battered gear that has clearly served him well for a very long time, and travelled many many miles. Marcus resembles nothing more than an old pair of boots - weathered and beaten, but comfortable and perfectly reshaped to their purpose. Still, bright, youthful eyes shine in a ruddy, heavily tanned face, and these wonderful eyes that seem to change colour with the old man's whims, contain energy and exuberance that few show at the heights of their youth.


Marcus uses a jovial, sometimes even bumbling exterior to both make those around him comfortable, and often to keep them off balance, but those who know him for a time quickly realize that a sharp mind, and a keen observer lurk beneath the Marcus that faces the world. Despite a little subterfuge Marcus genuinely is a cheerful person, and one who enjoys the luxuries of life. Driven and energetic when he must be, Marcus seldom wants more than a warm cup of mead and a place by the fire, but his life seems never destined for a smooth course, tending always to steer towards tumult. Marcus has learned to take whatever adversity that life throws at him in his stride, and when his plethora of talents fail he has learned to turn to his good fortunes - fate hasn't failed him yet.


In the century and a half of his life Marcus has seen he has been embroiled in intrigue, conflict and chaos. Marcus has lived a half dozen men's lives, often as one of several men, and has seen the world as it is today unfold . Still young in what may prove to be an immortal life, Marcus has already had an impact on the world around him, and the forever man seems destined to continue to be a presence in the shadows of the great events of Allornus for a long time to come.

The Uncertain Birth

An infant child was left on the alter of a ruined and ancient temple, in the western reaches of Karsuk, and by pure chance was found by a huntsman who used the temple as shelter on his week-long journeys into the wild plains of the region. Taking pity on the child, Dolic, for that was the huntsman's name, swaddled the infant in the furs he was carrying home, and took the lad with him, assuming he had been abandoned by his parents to die in a holy place that the babe's spirit might depart the world close by the sight of the old divh. And he and his wife Ama chose to take pity on the child, and raise him alongside their own, calling him Marcus Temple in honour of the place where he was found.

Formative Years

Dolic and Ama raised Marcus as if he were one of their own, and the boy proved a loving and loyal son, but Dolic and Ama kept a dire secret that they never shared with their adopted son, nor any of their other children; Dolic was descended from the royal line of Arumthar, House Montari, a noble line kept alive in secret all over Allornus in secret for fear that the shades would seek to wipe out the rightful rulers of Arumthar once and for all. And Marcus learned all of this when the shades came and took his parents in his ninth year, and he and his youngest brother were saved from the awful creatures by agents if the regent Abal Tohlgar, and spirited to their stronghold in the mountains. Marcus' surviving sibling was sent far away, and the regent refused to tell Marcus where, but because the child was not of Montari blood he was raised in the hidden mountain fastness of the regents of Arumthar.

Marcus in Arumthar

In his mid teens Marcus found use as a hunter and scout for the regent, watching the surrounding region on many day trips to gather meat and furs, using the skills his adoptive father had taught him.

The Temple of the Old Divh and the Forever Man

a pilgrimage to the temple of the old divh that makes him Sera's agent

Release from the Compact

Marcus completes his service for Sera and is granted his freedom, and eternal life to wander the world, the forever man

Marak in Haedrasia and Iria

marcus adopts the first of his fake personalities, and travels east, during this time he meets dale

The Fortune of House Greyen

marcus finds wealth and comfort after saving darran caldare, and also meets Isoulde

Greytemples the Pirate

a mixture of stagnation and emotional issues drive marcus out into the world again, he travels to sigard and becomes a pirate, then becomes the scourge of the bair, and fathers a daughter who he takes to caldare

A Time of Peace

after founding carreth marcus settles for a time, but again becomes restless

Current Sketch

marcus returns to ralstaa after tracking shades east


Perhaps the greatest strength of Marcus Templar is the vast array of 'favours' he seems to be able to call upon. One fortunate event has snowballed into opportunity after opportunity for Marcus. Still, he remains very much a lone wolf, perhaps because he has proven something of a stormcrow. His estranged daughter, Lila, sees little of her father since he returns seldom to Tohl Caldare where she lives with her mother Aliya. Entrusted with guarding the son of Dale Lorris, Cashel, after the death of his previous charge Isoulde, Marcus has been lax in his duties, and returns to Duron seldom. While Marcus has friends and allies from Sudar to the Bair to Tohl, few of them could be considered close friends. He has yet to report back to the Regent of Arumthar, and in Faran's tenure he has never sighted Templar, though he has heard much of the man's exploits. He will always find welcome in Carreth with his partner captain Zakkis, and with the Prince in Caldare, and even in Lierkist with his old crew. Some say that the divhi Sera was once Marcus' patron, or even lover, and legend holds that he once befriended, and even rode the Lord of Horses in the Taurvann, and was proclaimed master of an army of ghosts in the Eresfell Downs. He earned the favour of Titus Cabar when he spared his life in the Bair, and is well known in the courts of Assardan, Dagmora, and Malk where he is believed to be a high-ranking agent of Nasir Mut-Thanilen, and his welcome is always a generous one.


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Plan Bipedal
Cycle Diurnal
Diet Omnivore
Inferior ESP 2

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