Martel Forthest

Martel Forthest, Earl of Forthest is advancing into his late middle years, but his demeanour is that of one far more long lived. He is a wise and noble man by all accounts. A gentleman and a scholar, Martel is soft-spoken and generally a little distant and disinterested. He is a staunch traditionalist, and a force for security and status-quo in Reddown. Some love him, some wish he would just lock himself in his library as his father had, but all respect the old man.


Martel in an early twilight, with hair of stark white and craggy features, but despite this he makes sure to keep himself tidy and well groomed, believing cleanliness to be the way to make a clear distinction of his rank and position in society. He keeps his long beard well-trimmed and always takes care to dress in the richest materials, though generally in a very modest style. His skin is wrinkled, but darkly weathered, which might seem unusual to those who know him as a bookish and staid old man, but to those old enough to remember his youth on campaign it is a reminder of the strength that his body once possessed, and his features hint that he may have once been considered attractive. Martel has large, deep, pale eyes which are both extremely expressive and perpetually concerned.


Scholarly and without vice, Martel is a traditionalist. He sees Earl Daultin as a blow-hard, Lady Vaun as a woman trying to do a man’s job, and Earl Tolbren as a greedy dullard. He is truly a nobleman of the old guard, but for all his judgement he is a good and fair man and has a genuine respect, if not affection for the folk of his realm. He cares for their well being like one might for children, unable to properly care for themselves. While many educated or noble men find him condescending they cannot help but respect him for his honesty or his love of peace. Aside from this Forthest is a thinker, a lover of knowledge, a historian and preserver of artefacts. As lord over the most historic city on Ahlonia, and perhaps the most religiously significant, he is a pious, traditional, conservative ruler, and much the same as an individual.


Earl Martel was not always the studious man he is today. Born to a father who never left his library and a mother whose opium addiction was the gossip of an entire realm, Martel was their only child. Despite this he prospered and studied hard with the monastic order of the scintillating hand in Harkfal. Here he transcribed books and learned the scholarly arts, and it was from great tomes of history that he learned diplomacy and all he knows about rulership. But Martel was determined not to become his father, and despite being sole heir to Forthest, amongst the eldest dynasties, he recklessly went east and joined the armies of Kirshire, where for nearly a decade he commanded a unit of elite infantrymen against goblyns and brigands. When his father died and the throne passed to him Martel returned to his father's library, a place he was seldom allowed in the early years, and he was surprised to discover a love for all of this knowledge that far outweighed his youthful desire for rebellion. And since then he has been a changed man, moderate, wise and learned, Martel endeavoured to draw upon his father's strengths without emulating his weaknesses. He has taken it upon himself to be peacekeeper to the whole of Reddown, but ironically the whole nation's good has been at the detriment of his own Earldom, and the steaders have begun to really notice this in recent years.


Martel has long been the council's mediator, and in his role as a moderator he is very well thought of, but has few friends. Morgan Havish, Earl of Havisham is the exception to this, a staunch ally of Forthest and an eager and zealous one at that. Martel also has a sympathetic ally in the High Prelate of Reddown Anden Corovell, and of course Alen Boern, Doge of Harkfal is amongst his most trusted and useful agents. Martel is a traditionalist, he resists change almost on principle, and seldom ever puts propositions before the council, no matter how much gold or goods or services are offered. He exists primarily to temper the ambitions and machinations of Galastry and Sherevon, and neither Sedric nor Shannon are especially fond of the old man.


Race Male Ahlonian Skills
Age Middle-Aged (47) Skill Points: 227/269
Profession Earl of Forthest (3) skill value rationale
Faith Western Dissident Church of the Dioune (7) Acumen 3
Class Earl (8/7) Artistry 3
Talents Inventory Awareness 2
Fast +0 weapon cap threshold reach Bargaining 3
Graceful -2 Deduction 6
Hale +0 Diounic Religion 6
Strong -1 Engineering 5
Tough -1 armour hard tiers enc/limit Farming 3
Governance 4
Clever +2 tool cap test Herding 2
Insightful +2 Numeracy 5
Knowledgeable +5 attire environment Questioning 3 Bookish Researcher
Perceptive +1 Ahlonian Lore 6
Wilful +0 Ahlonian History 8
Speak Ralstaan 4
Brave +0 Speak Trade Tongue 6
Persuasive +0 Strategy 5 Armchair Tactician
Forceful +0 Teaching 3
Lucky +0

Character Traits

Old and Wise (1)

Many see the Earl of Forthest's age, learning, and the antiquity of his line as a sign of great eminence. Many things presented to the council, or to the steaders of Reddown, seem to carry greater weight, and ring with more sense when they come from the mouth of the Earl of Forthest. His absolute credibility is of course, in part at least, deserved, but in equal part is a product of repute alone. As a result, many have tried to use him to make their cause seem more just, and beneficent.