Material Crafting Skill
The Material Craft Skill applies to working with a specific kind of material, chosen when the skill is purchased. A character may have multiple material crafts each in a different material. The list below covers the main materials used in Allornus.
  • Chitin Craft:
  • Clay Craft:
  • Cloth Craft:
  • Glass Craft:
  • Leather Craft:
  • Mechanism Craft: Pulleys, leavers, counterweights, inertia, acceleration, velocity and momentum are all the province of the Mechanism Crafting. Largely mechanics relates to construction, theorizing and maintenance of all those things that might be considered machinery. It might be unnatural to think of a medieval world as being mechanized in some ways, but in truth many machines exist in the medieval age, from the windmill and waterwheel, to the crane, to the trebuchet. Understanding how a winch, a cog or a counterweight can be used to achieve things that sheer brute force cannot is the fundamental (though not exclusive) province of the skill, and a mechanic is essential to the kind of high civilization of the medieval age.
  • Metal Craft:
  • Stone Craft:
  • Wood Craft:

Key Statistic: Knowledge
Tech Level: 1+



any actions that can be attempted without the skill

Beginner (1-2)


the primary action the skill is required for

Professional (3-5)


an additional, more complex action now available

Expert (6-7)


an even more complex, often exciting or niched action or one that improves the quality of the primary action or actions

Master (8-9)


see above, but even more complex, and usually more niche

Perfect (10)

Perfect Action

an impossible, mythic, "magical" power acquired by perfecting the skill


  • Chitin Craft: Bowyery
  • Cloth Craft: Sewing; Spinning; Tailoring; Weaving;
  • Glass Craft: Glass-Blowingl; Glazing;
  • Leather Craft: Leatherworking; Saddlery; Skinning; Tannery;
  • Mechanism Craft: Lock Picking; Lock Smithing;
  • Metal Craft: Armouring; Black-Smithing; Red-Smithing; Smelting; Weaponsmithing;
  • Pot Craft:
  • Stone Craft: Brick-Making; Masonry; Quarrying;
  • Wood Craft: Bow-Making; Cabinetry; Carpentry; Cooping; Fletchery; Wheel-making; Wood-Turning;
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