Amongst the rarest of the Myrnamun, the Meeken of central Esterfel are almost entirely isolated to a few small settlements around Lamorand and Sipra. These mouse-folk bear remarkable resemblance to the landsmen of the west - so much so that they are frequently mistaken for children. Living amongst the men of their chosen homelands or in small hamlets exclusive to their kind, Meeken are one of a handful of beastman races found only in scarcest numbers, in quiet decline against the Shoulders of the World.





Adult meeken closely resemble landsmen children of about 10-12 years of age, save that they have large hairless ears and a long tail resembling those of a mouse. Close examination will also reveal larger pupils and fine whiskers, and their higher-than-usual voices and timid mouse-like mannerisms may also set them apart from men.


Preternaturally attuned to danger, ill-intent, and aggression the Meekin have an uncanny knack for being away from an area just before trouble breaks out, and for avoiding individuals who mean them harm.




Meeken are highly social creatures amongst their own kind, seldom ever found separated from at least a small community of fellow Meeken to whom they look for support, camaraderie and security.
Perhaps it is their resemblance to men that has allowed them such levity to live unmolested amongst them.


Meekenfik on the northern banks of Lake Taccino plays host to the world's only concentrated Meeken population, though they do range in small numbers over that nation and its immediate neighbours enough to make them a novelty, but not wholly alien.







Fast +4 | Perceptive +3 | | Wilful +2 | Strong -3 | Tough -3 | Brave -2 | Forceful -2
Unique Abilities
Alert | Timid Yet Curious | Childlike
Infant 0-1 years -5 to all Talents except Lucky
Child 2-5 years -3 to all Talents except Lucky
Adolescent 6-11 years -1 to Tough, Clever and Knowledgeable
Adult 12-40 years none
Middle-aged 41-64 years -1 to Fast, Hale and Strong
Old 65-71 years -2 to all Physical Talents, -1 to Knowledgeable
Venerable 72+ years -3 to all Physical Talents, -2 to all Mental Talents
Basics Variables
Morphology Bipedal Height 5'7" + Size" + 1d3" - 1d3"
Diet Omnivorous Weight 115lbs + (Sizelbs x5) + (Brawnlbs x3) + 1d10lbs - 1d10lbs
Cycle Diurnal Gender standard
Prime Sense Vision


meeken are always on the alert, ready for danger

Timid Yet Curious

meeken scare easy, but they are incessantly curious, and often courageous in their curiosity


adults look like small children with mouse ears and tails