On the northern shores of Lake Taccino the town of Meekenfik is the home to most of the world's population of the Myr known as the Meeken. With their fondness for clustering together, the Meeken dwell in their own quarter of single-storey buildings and sprawling cellars called the Warrens, but they can be seen on most street corners, though travellers more often take them for landsmen children than the full-grown Myr that they are. Proximity to the vast wealth of Sipra has stripped the town of much of the commerce it might otherwise enjoy, but traffic winding overland from the north will always find ferries here, and hospitality and hefty portage fees fill the pockets of a fortunate few (like the innkeepers of the docks) near to overflowing.

Region: Lamorand, Esterfel
Total Population:
Demographics: 65% Tribeless, 25% Meeken, 4% Hobgoblyn, 3% Kenu, 2% other.
Tech. Level:
Major Industry:
Major Religions:

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Locations of Interest

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Notable Groups and Individuals

Rheap speaks for the Meeken of Meekenfik, and though that distinction carries no real office it still wields hefty influence. A hero amongst his kind, Rheap is known as an indomitable swordsman and is celebrated for leading a small band of warriors against bandits who had seized the town of Heesr and liberating its population, routing a veritable army of cut-throats. Well travelled and seasoned, Rheap is a vocal opponent of the influence of the Guilds in the city (and in Esterfel in general) and many wonder how long it will be before the tiny firebrand will turn up floating in Lake Taccino, or else vanish altogether.