Meldoki (MELL-doh-kee) is the most southerly, and marginally clement of the lands of Nardaan, sheltered by the towering peaks of Arkenrecht as it is, and so it is the first place that the Malorns, fleeing their Drak overlords, came. And while it has since fallen in prominence since Nardaan rejoined the world, thanks to the Cosarian Islands providing a better route to the mainland than the open and treacherous waters of the Irgattu Straits, it has also remained free of the Haedrasian intrusion that plagues Nasis. Vast and relatively poor, civilization clings to the southern coast except when the sea grows angry, while the only truly free Malorns try to find a new identity in Meldoki.

Tech Code: 4
Governments: Feudal Khanate of Meldoki under the Tarkhan of Meldok
Religions: Kindred of the Crow-Dev, One True Faith.
Industries and Trades:
Major Terrain: Flatlands, Mountains, Sea.
Primary Languages: Malish
Major Settlements: Cartoza, Meldok


Physical Geography

As the most southerly and least elevated land of Nardaan, Meldoki enjoys a degree of shelter not afforded other domains in their brutal northern land. Cloaked in armies of pine trees, standing at attention, it is a shadowed land that seems always to smell of damp soil and rot, but rivers flow in all but the deep of winter, and coastal ice does not plague the vessels of Meldoki so badly. (use the word 'fjord' a lot)

par 2: central snowfields and frozen lowland lakes

par 3: northern mountains and passes

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Political Geography

Many would say that the Tarkhan has his head in the clouds, or rather out at sea, and that the Mandrates of the One True Faith in the east are the true rulers of Meldoki, but many would also say that the Arch-Mandrate is preferable to the grandiose rule of Baudelia and his Khans.

the khans periodically ride out and demand tribute for protection - profoundly ancient form of rule

Social Geography

the populace, class, wealth, cornerstone industries

key attitudes and customs

the glorification of the kardesian reaver way by the upper classes, and how the lower classes dislike it

Faiths and Worship

the malorn attitude to religion post-malar/daak, and the dispirit and half-hearted cults

rise of the One True Divhi and the Great Crow, and the conflict priming there

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Denizens of the Barrudio

predominantly, almost universally malorn

Flora and Fauna

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Notable Individuals

Mouthpiece of the Great Crow, Sharobat Thrru
The leader of the Kindred of the Crow-Dev and self-styled “Mouthpiece of the Great Crow” is Sharobat Thrru. Whether she was born with that name or not, it is the only one any in Meldoki know.

Tarkaan of Meldoki, Baudelio “Badgul” Domitala
The Almighty Tarkaan of Meldoki is Baudelio of the Domitala, but he, like many of the Domitala scions, insists to be addressed by a name of Mariner lineage. In Baudelio’s case he has chosen ‘Badgul’ after the legends of Badgul and his crew dredging the northern continent from the sea in their nets. He makes a yearly pilgrimage to the supposed landing-site of his adopted ancestor to cement their link, where he immerses himself in the frozen bay nude, then strides ashore again to great acclaim.

Archi-Mandrate of Meldoki, Salamonis Po
Salaminis Po is charged with the spirits of the people of Meldoki, ensuring that they turn to the salvation of the holy of holies, and away from the childish worship of carrion birds. And to his credit, or perhaps to the discredit of Kindred, he has met with great success.

Life in Meldoki

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Political System

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Legal System and Enforcement

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Architecture and Construction

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Major Industry

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Today In the Land of the Great Crow…

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