Mercenary Profession

When negotiations fail between the great nations of Allornus, then the only recourse is war. And while a few nations do keep standing armies, most rely on calling up farmhands and vagrants to take up arms under the banner of their ruler. A Mercenary, however, is a professional warrior who goes from war to war to war, wherever the coin calls him. Most join a company of men - a mobile army just small enough to be inoffensive to those lands it must traverse. But the best often hire their acclaimed services alone. Noblemen might seek to bolster their forces in pitched battle, towns call for help with bands of raiders of bandits, merchants seek protection for their wares as they traverse lawless lands, all seek the services of seasoned mercenaries. And the mercenaries dream of untold riches or heroic acclaim. But even for these scarred and practised fighting men, it is more often a messy and unmourned death than glory and riches that awaits them.

Regions: Shattered Empire, Knives of Rallah (as Free Companymen), Ancient Duchies, Southlands, Inner Sea Basin, Unholy Wastes (as Diestro), Fringe Nations.
Tech. Code: 2, it is no new idea for a man to decide that a professional fighter is worth the price of three armed and frightened peasants.
Rarity: 3, though mercenary companies are hungry for numbers, many fall on campaign or wake in gaols, keeping their ranks modest.
Social Class: 3, with might and arms comes influence, whether by nobility or harsh threats.
Fame: 1, mercenary companies move on when there is no red battle to fill their purses, and even their greatest feats usually go uncelebrated.

Apprentice Practitioner Master
Skills Brawn 1 2 2
Gaming 1 2 3
Healing - 1 1
Intimidation 2 3 4
Leadership - 2 4
Marksmanship 2 4 5
Martial Combat 3 5 6
Metal Crafting 1 1 2
Riding 1 2 2
Strategy - 1 3
Unarmed Combat 2 3 3
Wealth 1 2 3
Value 21 56 90

Usual Trappings

  • A hand weapon, often a long axe, straight sword, or club.
  • Sometimes a polearm or heavy weapon.
  • Soldier's attire.
  • A suit of armour, commonly quilted, studded leather or leather.
  • A helmet of leather or plate. Occasionally closed-faced.
  • Often a shirt or vest of ring or chain mail.
  • Occasionally a short or self bow.
  • Sometimes a medium shield of any shape.
  • Occasionally a mount (usually a destrier or courser), with tack, harness, feed, blanket and brush.
  • Sturdy pack or sack.
  • Bowl, cup, spoon, and eating utensils.
  • Blanket or sleeping roll.
  • Flint and tinder.